Wednesday, December 5, 2007

I wanted to share our family Christmas picture. One of Blake's buddies was over, so he took the pic for us. Thanks Adam! We are so happy to have all of us together for good with Bran being home from the Air Force--ok, have I even mentioned that at all.....hee hee, snicker snicker!! We managed to get Maggie seated for the picture. Actually, she is a really good poser for the camera. I have gotten some great shots of her by putting one of her toys down and telling her to sit and stay. She minds well most of the time. *wink*

With Christmas approaching, the Wrinns are always busy with Christmas church services/programs and Christmas parties. I just wanted to share a few pictures that we just had taken. The guys played a benefit last Saturday night for a Christian school (from our area). Kenny and the boys played in the "house band", as well as, Brandon's and Blake's band Raimah. There were lots of other local talents who were awesome! It was a great night of praise and worship, and for a great cause! Last Sunday night was our church's annual "Hanging of the Green". I got a great pic of the guys after it was over. One of the middle school principal's from our town called a couple of months back to see if Kenny and Blake would be able to play at their staff Christmas party. At that time, we weren't sure if Brandon would be back in time to play with them. But, when we found out that Brandon would be back in time, the plans began for their performance. This Christmas party was held at the Lakeside Club last night. I was excited to know that I was invited too. The meal was wonderful, we sat with some friends of ours who are teachers, and some of the middle school kids put on a skit for the teachers. It was really cute! Then the guys performed. They played some original songs as well as Christmas songs and a little comedy routine. Kenny also performed his rendition of "Rindercella". For those of you that know who Archie Campbell is, from way back, you might remember this act of his. Kenny has gotten it to perfection, and Blake has even began doing it as well. If you don't know what it is, it is Cinderella told backwards--the story isn't told backwards, but the words are. Here's just a little tidbit of it as I can't possibly do it all, but this is a funny part..... Rindercella wanted to go to the bancy fall and have a pransome hince lall in fove with her. When the strock clucked midnight, Rindercella dan rown the stairs and she slopped her dripper. It is always a crowd pleaser--such a riot! At most events throughout the year, this is requested of Kenny. He is always eager to do it. It really is funny!!


Nancze said...

Hi Rebecca, What great pictures of you and the family! I see you really decorate for Christmas. Sorry I am so slow at visiting, but my computer was acting up. I hope it's fully resolve now. *smiles* Happy Holidays! ~hugs~

Jules said...

Hi Rebecca,
Those are great family pictures and thanks for sharing them. Our oets are so stubborn sometimes when it comes to getting a photo of them all. I am going to "try" again this year to get a picture of them in front of the Christmas tree. Good luck, I know! lol


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