Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Out With The Old, In With The New

I wish you all a Happy New Year!
As I thought back over the year, I went down my list of last year's resolutions. Did I accomplish my resolutions or not?
Well, let's see......

I will lose weight.....Ok, I am pretty sure I didn't do this one. Actually, I gained a little.
I will have to regroup on this one. I am NOT letting this one go! LOL
I am going to get organized and stay organized......Nope, didn't totally happen even though it was a bit better.
I will dedicate myself to my pixel site.....Oh, Yeah! I did this one VERY well!
I will learn to create my own pixel drawings.....YES, YES, YES!! I surely did! I taught myself and I think I did an awesome job on this, if I do say so myself.

Ok, so I have thought this through.

1. Losing weight is still on my list for 2008. I am going to make a resolution to think about what I eat/drink. Sugary drinks are going to go. I have done this in the past and it has really really worked, so I need to go back to that, and not give in.

2. Get a plan for organization and stick with it.

3. Have more sit-down dinners. Since the guys have gotten older, we are all going in different directions! This will require all of us to be committed to this though, so we will need to get a plan.

Ok, that's all that I am going to make this year. I don't want to make a long list that I will only get overwhelmed with. With this in mind, I have just chosen three. These I deem very important, so that is why I chose them.

Now, we have already started on the organization part. I have been reorganizing my craft area in the office.....oh, and the office has now been moved to the little room that has a brick wall. If you remember quite a few posts back, I wasn't sure what we were going to do with this room or even call it. Now it is the office/studio. Kenny has his area for his business, and I have a small area for my crafts. I have been regrouping and organizing my craft supplies and area and that has taken shape. The old "office" is now a music room. Kenny and the boys have been busy organizing and building storage for all the guitars, amps, drums, and music paraphanalia. It is starting to take shape as well. So, we will see how it goes.

Do you have any New Year's resolutions that you would like to share?

Also, new year, new look. I made my new banner for my blog. I think I like it. *smiles*

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Jules said...

Hi Rebecca,
I'm sorry for not stopping in sooner, but the holidays got the best of me this year and I have been exhausted!

I too make some resolutions too and mine aren't anything specific, but I still want to "work" on them. To me that's easier to accomplish than feeling the need to "complete" them by the end of the year.

My goal is to be a better almost (thought not in the true sense) a Stepford-ish wife. I want to make things for myself, husband & family better this year in certain areas and I am going to work on it for sure. I want to keep up with the laundry and dusting and other things that I kind of let slide a bit. I also want to do little things like remembering my relatives that I don't see much anymore and sending them cards for their birthdays and other holidays other than Christmas.

That's my goal for sure and while I don't want to be a "robot", I still think that some good can come out of thinking like a Stepford wife... even if it's just a little bit :)


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