Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Did Someone Wish For Snow?

Me, Me, It was ME!!

Well, we awoke to snow coming down. In just a few minutes, we had some white on the ground. Baby, is it cold outside again! This weather is crazy to say the least. We had several almost spring-like days this week, and now this. It rained all night, then turned to snow this morning.

My Dad arrived around 9:30 this morning as Kenny was getting ready to head off to work. I drove my Dad to get my Mom. She has been in rehab since her surgery (which has been about 2 weeks). They released her this morning, and boy was she ready to return home! The place that she was at was about 35 minutes from home. Now, those that know me, know that I do NOT like to drive in snow or ice. It snowed all the way there but luckily the roads were clear all the way. There were some slushy spots, but most of the way it was dry. What was so weird was that all the schools we passed were closed due to snow. Huh?? There was just a dusting on the ground but the roads were clear. However, I do have to say, that many of these schools were in a rural area and the buses didn't chance it on the backroads.  Of course my school wasn't out for snow, but I had already taken the day off of work to be able to get my Mom.

So, after we got there, we had quite a wait so that everyone that needed to talk with us before she was released could do so. After we met with everyone, we were ready to be on our way back home. They wheeled Mom out to my car that was pulled up at the door.  Mom was going to be more comfortable up front so I rolled the passenger side window down so Mom could hold onto the door while being helped in the car, while Daddy got in the backseat.  The nurse decided the window should be down ALL the way {it only lacked a little being all the way down anyway} so instead of asking me to do it, she shoved it down with her hands.  Yikes!  I heard an awful noise...and I wasn't too happy that she had done this to my vehicle that I hadn't had very long!  She got the window off track, and we couldn't get it back up!!!  By this time, the snow was really coming down again!  I worked and worked on it and finally got it most of the way back up....but it was NOT going to go all the way back up!  So Mom told me to get her robe from her suitcase.  We put it in the window to shield her from the snow.  We laughed all the way home, as the robe {BRIGHT PINK} waved out the window all the way!  All in all, we had a nice drive home. Once I got her settle at her house in her own bed {oh boy was she happy}, I went to get us all some lunch. We had a nice visit while we ate and talked about what comes next for her, before I was off to get some things done at home while she rested.

Now, I'd like to say something about my Mom.  She has done so well after her surgery with physical therapy.   She is one of the strongest women that I know. She has always been so selfless, thinking of everyone else before herself.....ALWAYS!! She is also the most amazing cook EVER!! She has had numerous surgeries over the years, and always comes through like a trouper! I am so proud of her. Here's a little pic of my Mom that I wanted to share.

Until next time.....
Hugs and Blessings,


Inspired Tokens said...

Rebecca...what a lovely post. I'm so glad that your mom is doing so good. I love your tribute to her too. Very touching! Happy Valentine's Day...and, Happy Anniversary.

prettyshabby said...

Hi Rebecca..thought I would pay you a visit after your lovely comment about my tiny kitchen! What a wonderful blog..I adore snow we don't get it here very often and even a sprinkling will close all the schools and cause chaos on the roads! Wishing your mum an even speedier recovery now shes home, she looks like a really lovely lady.x


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