Saturday, February 9, 2008

A Week's Worth of News!

Wow! This week has flown by in one way, and been crazy slow in another. Is that possible?
I guess it is!!

For starters, my Mom should be coming home this next week. She had a rough day yesterday, but the week pretty much went well. She is really working hard in her physical therapy! I am so proud of her!

On Tuesday morning, I was confronted with a horrible occurrence! My practicum student from last semester was having brain surgery! What! How could this be happening. She is only in her early twenties, and a mom of a precious few months old son! Apparently her head was really hurting and she was vomiting last week. Her doctor ordered an MRI and they discovered a tennis ball size tumor in her brain. They immediately scheduled surgery the next day. She is doing great though. Her doctors are surprised and impressed! She was sent home on Friday. They are still awaiting the pathologist's report to see if it is malignant or not. Please keep this young woman and her family in your prayers!! She did such a great job in my classroom, and the kids loved her! She is going to be an AWESOME teacher someday.....I just pray she has that chance!

On Thursday evening, I met my best friend at Ruby Tuesday's for dinner. We planned to meet at five o'clock, and I was running about 5 minutes behind. However, we were seated quickly and our orders were taken. We never hushed the whole time, and we finally thought we'd better leave at 9:45 p.m. when everyone else had gone. LOL They were soooo gracious though, and we were appreciative not to have been booted out! LOL

My best friend, Lisa, and I met in college. Now this wasn't right after high school. We are both nontraditional students, which mean we were older and had families already. We met in our first Biology class, and have been best buds since! With both of us being teachers with families, we are kept quite busy, even though our children are grown. We live in different towns, and teach in different towns, and we may not see each other for a few months....however, we pick up right where we left off everytime. We are perfect together as best friends, we are sooo alike!! One of these days, we are going to get her into blogland too! I am so excited about that!
Anyway, we exchanged Christmas presents.....yep, you read that right.....Christmas presents! She had also had a birthday, so I had to give her her belated birthday present as well! For Christmas, I gave her some Santa ornaments. (sorry, I didn't get a pic of them). We both collect Santas so I knew this would be a hit!

Then for her birthday, I gave her a birthday ornament and a friends necklace. Here's a pic of her birthday goodies.
The necklace says "Laugh" on one side, which is what we always do when we are together!

The other side says.....The best antique is an old friend.
This couldn't be more perfect as we always go antique shopping, and she is my oldest, dearest friend!

On to my goodies now.....
Oh, I do love a little leopard! LOL She knows me so well!

Look at the precious "Cupcakes and Chocolate Teapot"!
There is also Earl Grey Tea inside!

The cute little snowman bag is handmade and held all my goodies inside!
Thank you, thank you Lisa! (I KNOW you are reading this!!) Now, let's get YOUR blog happening!!

Also this week, I got all of my Swap Packages mailed. Alice got her's on Wednesday, and said she loved everything. I am so glad!!
Here are some pics of what was in her Valentine Swap Package.
*Valentine Tussie Mussie, made by me
*Vintage heart/lovebirds mold, that I made into an ornament
*A heart box that I filled with doggie cuties, since she is a dog lover like me!
*Pink Heart trinket dish filled with conversation heart tags
*lots of sweet papers, tags, embellishments
*Three red glitter hearts on a stick, red glitter "Hugs" hanger, pink glass glitter heart ornament
*2 little felt and glittered heart clips, that I made
*Valentine socks
*Valentine vintage B-I-N-G-O card hanger, made by me too

I also mailed out my Secret Admirer swap package this week. She should have gotten it on Friday. I can't tell you who it is yet, or what I sent her because it's a secret, hence the name, Secret Admirer Valentine Swap. LOL But, I will have it posted on Valentine's Day so she can see who I am, and you can too!

I haven't gotten my Secret Admirer swap package yet, but I am looking forward to getting it next week, I hope! I'll post all the goodies just as soon as they arrive!!

~Now, on to the Saturday Special~

1. Thing You're Afraid To Do?: bungee jump, skydive
2. Thing Scientists Need To Invent?: Something that will help me to always be on time! LOL
3. Thing That Would Make You Very Happy?: I am already happy. God has blessed me with a wonderful family, puppy, home, job, and friends!
4. Thing About Valentine's Day That's Special To You?: IT'S MY ANNIVERSARY! The Big 2-1 this year! Love ya hubby!


Nancze said...

Hi Rebecca, love all the goodies you posted! Hope your student is doing ok. I'm hopefully back to regular blogging and visiting again. I'm still healing, but it's much better. Love and ~hugs~

Our Back Porch said...

Yay! Nancze is back! I have missed you. I hope you are feeling better each day. You are in my prayers sweetie!

Inspired Tokens said... have been very busy. I love all the goodies that you sent and received! Thanks again for the Valentine house is most definetly brighter with all the Valentine goodies. I' glad to hear your mom is doing better...time, just takes time!


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