Saturday, May 17, 2008

*Laundry Day*

Not much happening around here today except laundry and yardwork. Kenny is working on the lawn while I get caught up on dirty clothes. I just KNOW someone is coming in our house at night wearing all our clothes. We can't possibly be wearing THIS many clothes in a week! LOL Sheesh!

Just wanted to stop in and wish you all a wonderfully awesome weekend!
Now, here's the Saturday Special!

1. answer? the laundry no longer *hee hee*

2. answer? a pie

3. answer? this summer

4. answer? continually!

1 comment:

Cottage Rose said...

I don`t mind doing the actual laundry, it`s ironing that I detest. I have just had an 8 month break from ironing as I badly injured my right hand and was unable to do anything, especially hold an iron. I found the most fantastic ironing lady but I am now back to doing all my own chores and I can no longer justify having an ironing "friend" (and a cleaning lady) anymore..... BOO HOO.
Have a great weekend


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