Monday, May 26, 2008

Happy Memorial Day!

Ahhhh, this is where you will find me this morning. With my laptop instead of my Mac, a cup of raspberry mocha cappuccino and a cream cheese bagle, here I sit light hearted on this beautiful spring day! There is a light breeze which makes my windchimes dance and sing for me. This Memorial Day, my oldest son is home from the Air Force for good, still inside sleeping snug in his bed. My other son thought he had to work, but they didn't need him since it was a slow day. My sweet hubby headed to the golf course to play 18 with his buddies, and my faithful doggy, Maggie, is lying on her doggy bed beside me (with a ball beside her JUST IN CASE I might want to play hee hee). We'll have a back porch dinner together this evening. There are ONLY 4 days of school left until my summer break! Ah yes.....a beautiful day indeed!

Enjoy your week everyone!
Hugs and Blessings,


Pam said...

What a lovely, peaceful day.

jL said...

Hello sweet Sis! Thank you again for the precious sigtags for our anniversary. I will use them often with a smile on my face! I love the picture of your back porch and reading about how lovely it is. I enjoyed the warmth you paint with both picture and words! Thanks for sharing :o) I am attempting to put together a new site in order to share also but will take some time to get something as comfy as your Back Porch! Love ya!

Creating Myself said...

I've kept my unused florals in a huge gift bag in teh closet. *blushing* I need to find a sap bucket! Cami

Sweet Cottage Dreams said...

What a wonderful place to sit and do computer things. Isn't it good having your son home? Our oldest is home on leave right now for a few weeks. The boys are having a great time together.



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