Sunday, June 8, 2008

Show and Tell Sunday

This week is one of my FAVS.....Trash To Treasure!

I went through a period of loving to stencil. I stenciled old pieces, walls, you name it!

I love this little table. It now sits on my screened in porch. The drawers house many of my country magazines for lazy day back-porch-reading!

This jelly cabinet was once green. It belonged to my grandmother. My parents gave it to me years ago, and I painted it "my" red color. I then stenciled flowers on it. So sorry for the poor quality of this pic. This piece also sits on my screened-in porch and is the home of many wonderful throws for nippy back porch days. Can you tell why my blog is named Our Back Porch? Can you tell it is an important place for us?!? :)

Ok next, this is my FIND of a lifetime. I have to tell this story!!!!!
This is my favorite piece! When Kenny and I first married, my collecting was at an all-time high! I searched yard sales, thrift stores and antique shops in search of these special treasures! . I wanted a pie safe. The kind I wanted was ultimately the one I got. Here's how it happened.....
I was teaching preschool, and our cook happened to overhear me talking about my love of antiques, and my desire to own a pie safe. Later that day, she approached me and said that she had an old pie safe that she would sell me for $125. OMG, I was ecstatic!

So that evening after work, we went to her home to collect my new goody--OMG--a pie safe. I asked my Dad to meet us there, because he was going to be refinishing it for us, as she told us it would need. When we arrived, she invited us in, and proceeded to tell us that it wasn't in the prettiest shape. My heart sank, not knowing what condition we would find it in after all.

As she opened her garage door, she revealed my new-found treasure. OMG, no it wasn't pretty, it had layer after layer of paint on it, with green being the top coat. I looked it over, as did Kenny and my Dad. It seemed to be in good shape but it was ugly--hee hee. However, I could see past that "ugly" and envision how I knew it could be. Kenny and my Dad did not quite have the same vision, asking me several times, "Are you sure this is what you want?" "YES!" is all I could get out. So we loaded it in the truck, and took it to my parents' home for my Dad to begin the work on it. While my Dad began to work, I began to search. I found that my pie safe is circa 1800's. I didn't even get a chance to call them for a daily update because my Mom or Dad would beat me to it to give me an update on the day's progression. When my Dad found it was oak underneath, you would have thought we struck oil! Yippee!

Ok, so that's my story about how my pie safe came to be. You can see it in the picture above, or if you ever come for a visit, it will be Kenny who will show you the piece, like a proud daddy--hee hee. Now he can see before his eyes what I envisioned back in the garage that fateful pie safe day.
Here's a picture up close of the punched tin.

I HAVE to show this!! This is my clever son's trash to treasure! Both of our boys are avid rock climbers. When training, they work in the climbing gym. If you know about climbing, ropes have to be retired (I think that's the correct term--lol) so my son asked if he could have some of their old ropes. He brought them home and made this AMAZING rope rug for his room. It is a big oval that sits under his "coffee" table. I couldn't show the whole thing, because frankly a 20 year old young man's room is sometimes a huge mess. Imagine that! LOL Anyway, I just HAD to show his T2T too!!

Thanks for stopping by to check out my Trash to Treasure
Analise is hosting this one, so be sure to visit her blog for the other participants!

Hugs and Blessings for an insanely awesome week!!


Swampgirl said...

Your pie safe is a once in a lifetime treasure! I love how you had the "vision" to see under all the paint. I use that as my trademark saying. It means to my Hubby - "just be quiet and humor the woman!" He does admit that my visions are almost always accurate!

Elly said...

I've never heard of a pie safe, but now know what it is! It's lovely! Your father is a sweet man to do such a huge job for you and your hubby! But it turned out beautifully!

Lisa B. said...

Your pie safe is beautiful! How lucky you are to have a father to refinish it. He did a great job! I really like your other 2 cupboards too. And I really love your son's rug..I love that he thought of it and he made it himself! How cool is he!!! BTW, thanks for stopping by my place and leaving such a nice comment.

just being crafty said...

Love the jelly cabinet and the pie safe. Your son did a wonderful job on that rug it is just beautiful!! Thanks for sharing.

Barbara at Oodles and Oodles said...

an oak pie safe and a dad willing to refinish it - you ARE lucky!

Di said...

Hello! I love the story of the pie safe. How many times has we seen the potential in the ugly? I also love the red jelly cabinet. Wish I had a back porch! Take care. Di

Stephanie ~ Angelic Accents said...

Gorgeous punched tin pie safe! And your son is quite handy!! Great ideas!

Angelic Accents

Melissa said...

Hi Rebecca!
I love your pie safe story! It was just meant to be :)
I am seriously loving that red cabinet too! PERFECT shade of red.
Hope you have a great week!

Saucy said...

That pie safe story is so cute - you'd fit right into our family!!! I loved punched tin, isn't it grand?

Love visiting your blog - I'll be back around this way again soon!


Christa from Chloe Rose said...

The pie safe is a great story....I've never refinished a piece of furniture by stripping it....what a great dad!

I also love how your trash to treasure love has carried over to your children. That is wonderful!


Chloe Rose

Cindy@Cutepinkstuff said...

Beautiful pie safe! I haven't seen one lately. Wonderful redo!

Pam said...

The rug is amazing. And the pie safe....such a treasure! It's beautiful!
Have a great week-

Jeanie said...

Your red cabinet is to die for!

Shanda said...

I love your pie safe. I would love to have one. I don't know where I would put it though. I think our living room walls are excately the same color. I love red walls. I enjoyed your trash to treasure post. Thank you,

Sugarplum Cottage said...

Oh how I love the red cabinet and mirror. You did a wonderful job on all your treasures. Hugs, RoseMarie

Pinkie Denise said...

Hello Rebecca,
So nice to meet you..I love your pie safe, what a find. You were truly blessed! Thanks for sharing Pinkie Denise

Sherry said...

That rug is wonderful!! I love it!

Steph said...

Like Mother, like son, right? And that rug looks vintage- awesome that he had the "viision" to see those ropes in another form...

And I love that pie safe! Those are the best finds, the ones that have a story to go along with...

My first visit here but I will be back!


Renee said...

Hi Sis!
Oh my! I just loved your pie safe and the boys braided rug. Now I am in drool mode over that pie safe,hee, hee....

miss gracies house said...

That is a fun story about your pie safe-it is gorgeous!
Pretty cute about your son's rug, too! That is a very "green" thing to do!
I looked at your studio and that is one organized room!

Inspired Tokens said...

The pie safe is gorgeous and I love the story. I enjoyed seeing some of your T2T, especially the rug. How clever is that? Have a great weekend! ...alice

bs honey said...

Hey there,
I have a very old pie safe, also. Yep, it's painted, red and white, with chicken wire in the sides and on the front doors. It also has roosters painted on the bottom doors. I do love the look; but want to thank you for showing your beauty without paint. Who knows, one day I just might decide to rid mine of its paint, and now I know how it will look.
Like your pie safe, mine has a story, too. My safe goes a long way back in my family.
Once again, thank you for showing your candy. And how about that talented son of yours.
Blessings Hugs,

Our Back Porch said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Our Back Porch said...

bs honey, your pie safe sound divine! I LOVE painted furniture, but unfortunately, mine was not painted lovely! It really looked bad. I am a HUGE fan of red so I KNOW I would love your pie safe for sure!!

Thanks to ALL who commented!!

God Bless,

~Mrs Sandy~ said...

Wow! that is amazing. What a wonderful idea. It is beautiful. I always love your blog. It is the most beautiful and amazing. You are so talented.
Hugs, sandy


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