Sunday, August 24, 2008

Where the heck has Rebecca been?????

Hello all. Thank you for all the emails and comments to check on me!! I am just fine! I've just been super busy!! Let me recap. Then I have some things to share.

Well, summer flew by for sure! At the end of July, I had to attend a Reading Conference in Knoxville. It went well, and we had a lot of fun! I made our Literacy Leader a crown(pic below) for her to wear at the Literacy Leaders Recoginition Dinner. She was thrilled and started crying. lol We had a great time!! Then on July 23, I started back to school. We had teacher inservice for a week, and then students began on July 30. School is off to a GREAT start, but boy are we packed this year! I have 22 students which is much more than usual!! Our classrooms are tiny, so 22 third graders in there feels like sardines! hee hee But we are making it work! We have had a lot of after school meetings, workshops, etc. The first two weeks, I came home each day and went straight to bed--no joke! I got up long enough to eat a bite (no I didn't even cook!) and then go back to bed! I am starting to get in the routine though, and going back into our fourth full week of school. Wow! Can't believe it has gone that fast! Soon it will be our 2 week Fall Break! Yippee!

I have been SUPER BUSY with my graphics site, Whimsical Beginnings!! I did a lot of new things this summer and it kept me busy drawing! I love to doodle, so I am happy that I can even make a little money from it. I am starting an Autumn As Is Lines Theme Week tomorrow so I have been crazy busy drawing up a storm for that! LOL

Last weekend was the annual South Jackson Goes Country show. Ofcourse Kenny and both boys were in the House Band again this year. And ofcourse, I was there every night to cheer them on! My Mom went with me to Saturday's show since the boys were doing a set also. It was a hit, and Blake got a standing ovation for his guitar solo in Freebird! My friend, Leah, took pics for me, so I'll get those posted when she sends them to me!

My sister came in from North Carolina last week and brought her granddaughter with her (my great niece). I asked Corinne to come read to my class and she was excited! My third graders thought this was awesome to have a fifth grader come visit and read to them! They couldn't believe that her school hadn't even started yet (she starts back tomorrow, actually).

On Saturday evening, my family all met at one of our Chinese restaurants to have dinner together. Then we came back to our house to celebrate my other great niece's 11th birthday! She had a pool party today for her birthday too. We all had a great time. The girls got into my supplies in my craft room to make some goodies. Guess they take after their great aunt! LOL

Ok, so here are some pics for you. Enjoy!
Here's a pic of Sherrie's crown. Sorry that it isn't the best of quality. Not sure what happened, and I didn't get anymore pics of it.

Reading to Aunt Becca's third graders.

The birthday girl!


Inspired Tokens said...

You're back ...YAHOO! Thought you got lost in blogland or something. Glad to hear that all is well and I must say you have been one very busy girl!

Melissa said...


Thanks for putting the pix of the girls on your site. Corinne loved reading to your class and felt so important to be able to do so. Giovanna also loved her time with all of us for her birthday...she got two birthday parties, so she felt very special, too! I enjoyed getting to spend time with you and your class and was glad to pass the book to Corinne to read instead of me doing it. I love to read to them, but saw a good opportunity to make Corinne feel special, so thanks for letting her do that and for making her feel so "grown up." We enjoyed having lunch at school with you, even if it was lunchroom fare (ha! ha!) Also, getting the whole family together for Chinese was a blast...I think every single one of us had a great time that night and had loads of laughs! Take care and hope to see you soon. There's an open invitation to visit Buddy and me in Charlotte anytime! Love ya, Sis!


Jules said...

Rebecca, welcome back! I have been wondering where you went to. I peeked at your graphic website and I LOVE it! You should do very well and become one of the "popular" ones in no time.

Have a wonderful weekend and don't be such a stranger ;-)


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