Tuesday, March 10, 2009

It's A Slumber Party!

Phyllis from For The Love of Vintage is celebrating her birthday with a slumber party.  I LOVED slumber parties as a child!  Our group of girlies would each take a turn to have us all over.  We giggled, ate, told ghost stories, ate, talked about boys, ate, played games, ate...you get the picture.  I have such fond memories of each of these sweet childhood friends, their homes, and families!

That is why I was so tickled when Phyllis invited us to her slumber party.  She asked to see all of our vintage sleepwear, quilts, vintage linens, and such.  So here we go...

Here are some of my quilts in my antique pie safe.  I just love quilts, and admire the work, love, and time that goes into each one.  Not to mention how comfy cozy they are on a cold night, or when you're feeling under the weather!

Here is a quilt with my sweet dolly, Dottie.  She isn't vintage, but vintage-inspired instead.  None-the-less, she is a sweet lil friend!

These are my favorite vintage pillowcases.  You know how I love birds, so when I saw these, I squealed and snatched them right up.  I feel a pillow fight coming on!!

These are baby blankets that belonged to my hubby and our babies.  I hope to have grandbabies some day that will get to use them as well.  

At bedtime, we all need something to cuddle, boys and girls alike.  This is one of my childhood babydolls.  She is wearing my hubby's baby bonnet and outfit, and my baby shoes.  I was a good mommy to this little one. 

This is my dolly again with my baby rattle and bunny.  Yep, I loved bunnies back then too!  :)

The puppy on the left belongs to my hubby.  The one on the right is our oldest son's "BarkBark".  

This is the original Barney from "Barney and The Backyard Gang" videos, which starred Sandy Duncan.  This Barney belongs to our youngest son from back in the 80's.  We took Barney to bed each night, and everywhere else!

You gotta have some games at a slumber party.  We always loved to play Charades, Twister, and Truth-or-Dare.  This vintage game belonged to my hubby's parents.  It is the original Password.  

Hey, have a seat on the bed.  Let me style your hair with my pink sponge rollers!

You have to have some goodies at the party.  Popcorn is a must but you need something sweet too.  This is potato candy.  Yes, it is made from potato!  Trust me, it is gooooood!!  And easy.  

*Choose a very small potato and bake.

*Peel and smash in a bowl.

*Start adding powdered sugar, and knead.  It will be reaaallllyyy juicy at first!!

*Keep adding powered sugar and kneading until you have a soft dough.

*Place on powdered sugar dusted wax paper.  Roll out with rolling pin until about 1/8" inch thick (I'm guessing here).  

*Spread peanut butter over the dough until covered.  

*Begin to roll in a jellyroll fashion.  

*I usually trim the ends off as they are ugly (lol)  Then cut in  1/2" slices.

*Serve and Enjoy!!

Well, I hope you enjoyed my goodies that I had to share for the Slumber Party.

Happy Birthday Phyllis!  I hope you enjoyed the Slumber Party.  I know I sure did!!

Be sure to stop by Phyllis' blog and check out everyone else that came to the Slumber Party!

Back Porch Blessings,



ShabbyInTheCity said...

Helloooo!!! I'm having trouble viewing some of the pics for some reason...:(
I see your doll though and wonder ...does it say "Horseman" on the back of the head under the hair? I see Bark Bark and the other doggie and your bluebird pillowcases SOOO nice!
Thank you for joining in! I told a couple of other people...my mother used to roll my hair on socks!

Geralyn Gray said...

The pink rollers are cracking me up.....good memories....I hope we play password all night....the recipe looks great anything with peanut butter is a great treat for me!

Karen ~ Cider Antiques said...

Wow, Potato Candy . .. I have never heard of that! I will have to try it. Maybe we can stay up late tonight and make another batch. I'm game!

Love the pink rollers too. Much better than those 80s perms!

Thanks for joining the fun, Karen

Our Back Porch said...

Oh No Phyllis! I wonder what's going on with my pics!! I use a Mac, and cropped some of them in a program just for Macs. I came into hubby's office to check on his PC and I can see them fine from here. I wonder what's happening!! Anyone else have any problems viewing them??

I'll have to check on the "Horeseman" Phyllis. The hair is just molded so no real hair there. I check though!!

Thanks everyone!

Shabby Cottage Collectibles said...

Hi Rebecca,
Thanks for stopping over at my Shabby Cottage. I can see your pictures fine. Probably just another glitch in the system!! So where is the pillow fight..I'm ready. Sweet Dreams, Esther

KarenHarveyCox said...

Oh, your linens and quilts are gorgeous. I love all the toys, and oh my gosh those rollers. I used to wear those to bed when I was a teenager. Thanks for the memories.

Casii said...

I would've squealed over those birdie pillowcases too. They are to die for!

My Nana makes potato candy, but she never gave out the recipe. Thank you for sharing!

The Other Side of Me said...


If I was with you when you found those vintage pillowcases with the birds I would have fought you for them!!! They are wonderful. I love them. Your quilts in the pie safe are fantastic. Thanks for stopping by my slumber party!
Your blog looks great!

Kris said...

Oh wow' look at those pink rollers. I'll be first in line to get my hair done. yeaaaaaah'
I just love those pillow cases, may have to swap something for them, can I tempt you with candy? LOL

Have a happy day


Cottage Way of Life said...

Those pink rollers ... how I remember them. They were torture to sleep on. But ... I was willing to suffer for beauty.

But hey, enough about beauty, I'm here for the pillow fight. I've got a great big fluffy pillow, filled with feathers. Watch out!!!

My Shabby Roses said...

Ok, I'm here! I'm ready to get some curls in my hair! I brought the nail polish!

I love all your sweet vintage heirlooms. What fun items to have.

Barney was a big thing at my house too! My son would die if he knew I said something. oh well!

Deanna said...

Hee hee hee....great minds think alike! I had the sponge rollers also!! I'll curl your hair and you can curl mine!!

Deanna :D

Anonymous said...

Hi Rebecca :) I love your quilts and your beautiful and sweet dolly, Dottie !!!! She is Wonderful !!! Thank you for sharing your potato candy's recipe :) Yummy !!! Have a great Slumber Party :) xo

The Whispering Poppies said...

Your linens are BEAUTIFUL! And so are your teddies and dolls! We have hthat very same Barney (a newer early 2001 version, but it still has the Barney embroidered on the same foot)! We do have one of those very early Sandy Duncan Barney videos! lol
Those potato sweets look yummy. I've had potato bread before and it is very tasty. =)

The American Homemaker said...

I love all your vintage goodies! And I totally had those curlers... ow!

bluemuf said...

Hi Rebecca, it's so nice to meet you. Your have some lovely quilts in your collection and little Dottie is so sweet.
A friend and I were just discussing potato candy the other day. Thank you for the recipe


Matt said...

I'm having so much fun visiting all the slumber party posts. I had to giggle at Barney. My youngest son had one too!

She'sSewPretty said...

(matt) was me! I didn't realize that I was commenting under my son's name.

Julie said...

I love that pink vintage rattle...I have got to try that recipe for the potato candy....I can't wait to see how it tastes...Julie

Sheila R said...

Oh do I ever remember those pink rollers. Many night I slept in them and oh did they hurt! Sweet Dreams (without the rollers!)!

Felicia said...

Oh, love that sweet Dottie and all her friends :) But the pink curlers bring back all sorts of hysterical memories :)

Bellamere Cottage said...

Oh my gosh......I've never heard of a sweet potato goodie before....let's see...love potatoes, love carbs, love sugar....love peanut butter........I'm thinking I'll give them a try!

Thanks so very much for your visit....I'm going to go peek all around your cute spot now.

Warm blessings,


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