Thursday, March 5, 2009

A Makeover

I love to watch makeover shows.  
Whether it is people's waredrobe, hairstyles, makeup, 
or houses, lawns, rooms, furniture etc. etc.  
I love it!
When I happen up on a piece 
that is less than desirable in its current state,
I like to envision what it could look like after a makeover.
I just love to see the difference that a little TLC can make!

Well, recently I spotted this little lady.  
She is a very Plain Jane for sure!  
She wears a crocheted dress that is light yellow in color, 
and her face has no color.  She holds a cute little 
purse/basket, but once again, it's plain too!  
I use these kinds of dollies in lots of different projects, 
and the price was surely right.  So I snatched up this little plain
cutie, as I could envision her potential. 

So this little dolly got the Makeover that she deserves! 

 Let's take a look...

A little pink flower has been added to her hair.  
The waist of her crocheted dress has some flower
embellishments in very bright, cheery colors.
Her little crocheted purse has been changed into
a little Easter basket filled with grass and eggs.
Around her neck, she wears her pearls and locket.
In her other hand, she has a sweet little posie bouquet
that she picked just for you.  
She has put on her lipstick so she doesn't look so pale !
And look at the back of her dress.  A precious little
pink bow ribbon with a tiny pearl heart accents
her Easter dress.  And on her head, she wears her
Easter bonnet that is now embellished with a 
sweet little crocheted two shaded pink posy.

Don't you just LOVE makeovers!!??!!

Back Porch Blessings,


ShabbyInTheCity said...

AWww! She's sweet...I was just wishing earlier today somebody would send my name in to What Not to Wear LOL!

Jill said...

How very sweet! My grandma always loved to fix up dolls. She would sew new dresses and add new wigs! Your new little friend looks ready to go the Easter parade!

Hickory Hollow

p.s. Thanks for adding me to your sidebar :o)

Sugarplum Cottage said...

How cute, she has her Sunday bonnet on. Where are you gonna put her? Hugs, Rosemarie


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