Sunday, September 6, 2009

Long Time...No Blog

YIKES!!!!! Where has the time gone?
Have you been wondering where the heck Rebecca is?!?
Well, let me just recap a little and then we will move on!

In July, my Mom had shoulder replacement surgery. We refer to my Mom as "The Bionic Woman" because she has had two hips, two shoulders, and one knee replaced. She did exceptionally well this time. However, one of the things they had her doing in rehab was working her shoulder with a pulley thingy. Needless to say, they OVERWORKED her, as her shoulder became dislocated...yep, and that meant back to surgery {this part just happened this past week}. She is now back home again, feeling some better, but still some pain.

Then in July, my niece's and great-niece's house burnt to the ground. They lost everything, including one of there doggies. It happened right before we went back to school. My niece teaches there in her town, and my great-niece was getting ready to start middle school. This is my niece that was married to my nephew, Patrick, that passed away 4 years ago, and his little daughter. They weren't home at the time {Praise to God!} and were insured. This was their new house that they have only lived in a few months. It's been sooooo sad! Heartbreaking that Patrick's little dog didn't make it out, but their other one did. They are in an apt. until their house is rebuilt. Everyone has been so wonderful to help them out.

School started for me on July 23. Yep, that's right! Then students started on the 30th of July. I have been very busy with that ofcourse. I only have 17 this year, and that is wonderful! They are a sweet little class too! I am soooo enjoying them!

The Swine Flu has been running rampant in our area now. I have had one student out with the flu, and other student's little 4 year old sister is in the hospital. Kenny is getting over the flu...but not Swine Flu. I've been trying to stay away from him, and spraying lysol like a madwoman. However, I awoke today stuffy, sore throat, cough, and slight fever. Oh no! Please NO!!

Ok, so that brings us up-to-date for the most least the really major occurrences.
I am trying to get back to my old self, and get back to blogging. I've really missed you all! So come back real soon!

Hugs and Blessings,


Porches Birmingham said...

Interest post, sorry to heard about your student's swine flu and others but let's pray that they will get better soon.

I look forward to read your next posts.

Sweet Cottage Dreams said...

Rebecca, I am so sad to hear of all of the problems that have been going on with your loved ones. I hope that your mother gets better soon and that your nieces find some happiness amidst their tragedy.

sending hugs,


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