Monday, September 7, 2009

Longing for London Part 3

I have been in school for 5 weeks now, and our October break is just around the corner. Everytime a break from school is approaching, I get the itch to travel. And I am reminded of all the wonderful trips I have taken on breaks with my family and friends.
This trip always comes to mind! It's my trip to the wonderful city of LONDON! Oh how I long to go back someday! So, I thought I'd share a few more pics of that wonderful place. This is focusing on the wonderful B & B that we stayed at. The photo of the flowers above was taken right outside the B & B as you came up the steps. Beautiful!

This is The Vicarage in the High Street Kensington area.....the most wonderful area in my opinion. This sweet B & B, located on a quaint little quiet street, is locally owned and run by Mandy. Upon entered the lobby, you are greeted with the most beautiful view of the grand staircase and richly vibrant color of red. GORGEOUS!! There is a charming sitting room just beyond the staircase to the left. This was a place for a daily pause for us before climbing that grand staircase....for you see, there are no elevators and we were on the 6th floor!

Oh, but it was worth the jaunt and spectacular to look down from above!
If I do ever travel to London again, this is where I will want to stay. While it is peaceful and quiet in this neighborhood, it is close to lots of shops and the Tube, which will take you anywhere in London. We loved to stop in at Patisserie Valerie...YUM-O! We visited Marks and Spencer several evenings to get nibbles and provisions for latenight munching {the biscuit curls were scrumptious--and we packed a few in our luggage too!, and a little shopping too!
Accessorize...OMG, we love Accessorize!
And we can NEVER forget LUSH! OMG "To Die For"!!!

Ok, so now I am longing to go back for sure!
Oh I truly hope that one day I can return to this spectacular city!!

Love ya London!!


Lisa said...

Yes I too would love to visit London! Great pics!
Hugs, Lisa

Country Wings in Phoenix said...

Sweetie you are so lucky to have had the opportunity to already go to London. I would so love to visit there. I have never been out of the great USA. Thank you for sharing the grand staircase, oh my gosh it is so beautiful. That carpet is so bright and colorful. 6 floors up, I couldn't make it right now if we were visiting. I am sporting this darn boot - 1 week today - and I have about 5 more to go unfortunately. I had (2) fractures in my foot, and they didn't want to cast it with my being an insulin diabetic, he is giving me breaks at night, to keep lotion on my feet and allow them to breath. Then when I am up and moving, it has to remain in the boot. I hope you will share more pics of this glorious trip of yours. I would so love to see the outside of the house you stayed at, and more of the inside as well. It looks so grand. Thanks for sharing sweetie. Happy Monday, Country hugs, Sherry

Sares said...

I've always wanted to go to England. Those staircases are amazing. I have always loved staircases. Hope you have a loveleigh evening!

Betsy from Tennessee said...

I have never been to London---but your posts make me want to go ASAP... I hope you do get to go back sometime. Thanks for posting. That B&B looks tremendous--even if you had to walk up all of those stairs.

Thanks for sharing London with us.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful photos and collage.
Happy weekend.

Regina said...

Beautiful photos and collage.
Happy weekend.


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