Monday, December 7, 2009

Christmas Decorating Part 1

Happy Monday everyone! Hope your week started off great, and hope it only gets better each day!
Today, your hostess is Miss Maggie Bleu, herself. She is anxiously waiting for Santa's visit on Christmas Eve. She hopes Santa brings her lots of treats, and a new "dolly".

She would like to share a few more pics with you of our Christmas decor. So sit back and enjoy some Christmas fun as Maggie takes you on a small tour in Part 1 of Christmas Decorating!

This is what my Momma calls our "Country Christmas Tree". It's in our Family Room by the fireplace. There are lots of fun goodies on this tree, and many look like they could be fun toys for me to play with. However, Momma says not to bother the tree, so I mind her really well, 'cause I want Santa to see how good I am!

Momma says she really likes this boy and girl because they look old-fashioned. All I know is, I am not suppose to bother them. So, I don't!

This guy in red must be pretty special 'cause my Momma has soooo many of these all over the place. These are just a few of the ones on our mantel. They are too high for me to count, but trust me...Momma put a bunch of them up there!!

This picture was taken in our kitchen. You can see the Family Room in the distance and the tree that my Momma calls "The Gingerbread Tree". There are lots of yummies on this tree but Momma said they are not for eating. They are just for looking at. I don't know...I may need to sample one or two of these sugary treats and find out for myself.

Well, that is all Momma said to show for today. Come back again, and we will continue the tour...we have lots more to see and several more trees!

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