Thursday, January 28, 2010

Words of Wisdom

Mashed potatoes & gravy, tomato soup, chocolate pudding, strawberry jello, Mocha raspberry cappuccino...Yum...and then add antibiotics, warm salt water, pain pills...not so yum!
This is what my life has consisted of for 6 days now. Why you ask? Because I wasn't so smart! Let me explain.....

Ok, so it wasn't so smart to keep my wisdom teeth! In my early 20's I had two of my wisdom teeth extracted but the other two weren't ready to come out at that time. A few short years late they were, however, but I didn't listen to my dentist. And over the years, my dentist had mentioned that I should just go ahead and get them out...but I never did.

I have a new dentist these days. Now, my dentist isn't just a dentist, but a friend as well. She actually use to work for my husband before she began dental school. She has just opened her own practice here in our town. So when she suggested my wisdom teeth coming out, I knew that the time had come, and I couldn't avoid it any longer. So, last Friday, was my appointment to have them extracted. When she did the top one, it came out easy. I thought this was going to be a piece of cake. Not so bottom one didn't get the memo that this was suppose to be easy. Actually, the root was curved, making it hard to get out. After many injections {because I couldn't get numb enough} and many tugs and pulls, it finally came out. Sheesh!

The first evening and part of the next day, the pain meds seem to be helping, as I didn't feel much pain. I thought this was going to be easy, and that I would just rest on Monday, since I took the day off, and then I'd head back to work on Tuesday...


The pain kicked in with a vengeance! I talked with my dentist, and she explained that with the numerous injections, and having to go deep into the muscles, that I would have pain for several days. Boy, I never expected the pain to be as intense as it was. When talking with her last night, she said she wanted me to come in today so she could check it. And good thing I did! Some bone had worked its way out and was exposed...hence the pain!. She numbed me again, and took care of that problem. Now, I will still have pain from the injections for a bit, but it helped me to know that I wasn't just being a wimp; that I really had a reason for hurting so much.

You know you really hurt when you don't feel like looking at these.....
My heating pad that my sweet hubby got me, has been my best friend these past six days.

And this.....
was the BEST medicine I could have! Maggie doesn't understand why I can't play fetch right now, so she just snuggles up to me on the bed or the sofa. Sweet baby girl! And she just turned 4 this past Sunday, and I didn't feel like celebrating.
If you recall, last year I made her a pretty party hat. Maybe when I totally recover, we can have a celebration for my sweet baby girl!

Anyway, if you haven't had your wisdom teeth out, and your dentist says you need to, the sooner the better. It was more than twenty years ago since had my first two out, and the first time my dentist said I should get the second two out, I should have done so. It's not so smart to keep those wisdom teeth!

Toothy Smiles and Blessings,


Melissa said...

Hope you are feeling much better soon! I'm glad the worst is over...or pray that it is! Take care! Love you, Sis! Oh, BTW, who is your dentist, if you don't mind me asking?

Sonia said...

Oh Rebecca,

I remember having my wisdom teeth extracted when I was in my mid-30's...I've never been so sick! Hope you get better...glad you have a sweet hubbie and maggie to keep you comfy!

Miss Bloomers

Mary said...

I'm with ya! The pain is outrageous! I had all four of mine out over twenty years ago and I can still feel it! I know they say that women have a higher pain tollerance, but NOBODY can take the pain associated with major dental work! NOONE!!! Took weeks for the medication to knock it out. Hang in there!

Karen said...

Oh UGH! I'm sorry! I just went to the Dentist last week - and mine get to stay! Whew!
Feel better soon . . .


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