Saturday, February 13, 2010

Vintage Valentine Swap Show~N~Tell

I showed some of this already, because I got sooooo excited about this swap.  I feel sooooo blessed to have made a great new friend!!  Thanks to Dolly, at "From My Cherry Heart" for hosting this once again for us!  You're awesome!!

So, on with the show...
Karen, from Some Days Are Diamonds, was my partner for this swap.  And she was a diamond for sure!!  We emailed each other and snooped around each other's blog...hee hee but I kept blowing my cover, because I found so many posts that I wanted to comment on!  hee hee
My package arrived from Karen before the deadline.  It came on a day that I was home from work, feeling horrible from my wisdom teeth fiasco!  It couldn't have shown up on a better was the PERFECT medicine!!  So, let's take a look at my goodies from Karen.  This sweet heart covered box with wonderful heart ribbon was what I saw inside the box.  I could hardly wait to get it opened, but I composed myself long enough to snap this pic...

OMGOSH!  So much to take in...
Look at those sweet little love birdies on this tea towel!

And LOOK at this beautiful L*O*V*E that Karen made for me.   
There's that sweet cupid ready to shoot some arrows!

Now, get ready to squeal like I did.  This little guy is toooooo darn cute!


Look at that precious little face!
And did you spot her little heart necklace?  SWEET!
And look at this most precious birdhouse!  And the shingles on the roof are.....

~~~Wait for it~~~


Take a look at the back.  There are sweet little details all around this little house!!!

MORE yummy goodies!   Wonderful ribbon and lace with sweet little hearts will be welcomed in my studio, for sure! 
I told ya that Karen did some snooping around my blog.  lol  She found out that I adore red handled kitchen gadgets and cookies cutters.  I literally squealed with delight when I saw these.  I quickly found a home for them here...
These red handled cuties joined more cookie cutters here atop my vintage kitchen scales.

And the red handled gadgets join other gadgets, rolling pins, and advertising tins here.
Aren't those the cutest felt hearts she put on them to make them more festive!
The cone had yummy chocolates and mints inside.
There are those adorable little love birdies again!
And Valentines isn't complete until you have those wonderful conversation hearts!

OH KAREN, I LOVE IT ALL!!!!!  And I enjoyed meeting you and making a wonderful new friend!  I feel soooo blessed!  Thanks again to Dolly!

Here are the things that I sent for Karen...
I was so hoping this vintage cameo heart vase would make it all in one piece and it did!  Whew!

I fell in love with this little plate.  Little did I know that Karen was married in 1980!  Wow!  That was fate!
I must have a valentine card for my partner on Valentine's Day.  I found this sweet little vintage card.  I love the cameo on it.  It came with a precious vintage hanky.
Buttons, Bits, and Baubles are a must!
A handmade Valentine by me for my new friend, Karen.
And a girl can never have too many embellishments.  
I am so glad Karen loved her goodies.
I sure LOVED mine!
Want to see more Valentine Swap goodies?  Check out all of the other participants in Dolly's Vintage Heart Swap here.

Valentine Blessings,


Marydon Ford said...

Holy Tamoly & Happy Valentine's ... you have one bountiful treasure trove from that swap, my friend. Gorgeous!

Happy Valentine's
Have a lovely day ~
Hugs, Marydon

peppermint said...

What great gifts and treasures! I bet that made you feel like a queen that day! What a wonderful event to participate in! I was too slow but next year I will be on my toes to participate in that event! Have a wonderful Valentines Day and please stop by and let me share a Valentine with you! Hugs and glitter, Patti

♥ Noelle ♥ said...

you both did a fabulous job!! i love all the lil doo-dads you sent her!!

happy ♥ day!

Sonia said...

Happy Valentine's Day Rebecca and Happy Anniversary as well! I met my husband at a Valentine's Party and we celebrate it as an anniversay of our "first date"! Hope you day is special and filled with blessings. I love all the goodies you received in the swap box! How fun. Your wedding dress was beautiful! Miss Bloomers/Sonia

Sares said...

What beautiful goodies you got in your swap! that hedgehog was adorable! Happy Valentine's to you and yours Rebecca!

Karen said...

Oh Rebecca.
I have had so much fun with this swap. MY FIRST! And how perfect to be "partnered" with you.
You have made my Valentines Day just perfect. Thank you my Friend. :)
Love to you! Happy Valentines Day!
Talk to you soon!
HUGZ! Karen

Joanne Kennedy said...

Wow! You both did a great job of making the other one feel spoiled. Great swap! How fun.


Elena said...

That hedgehog is sooo adorable!

So many gorgeous things - Thank you for an enjoyable post.

Happy pink saturday & Valentine's day - have a lovely weekend.

ciao for now,
Elena :)

Lucy Bloom said...

Hi Rebecca, thank you for joining my followers, what a delightful Valentine's day post ! Have a lovely day,
Lucy x

Debbi said...

Happy Valentines Day! Wonderful treasures in this swap! Aren't they fun??? I love the new friendships they create and the giving part is the best!

jen said...

What a fantastic swap! Treasure abound everywhere :) Have a Happy Valentine's Day full of LOVE and laughter!
luvs and glitter

Christine Edwards said...

Wow, what a fabulous box you got, and it sounds like it arrived when you needed it the most. Such fabulous goodies, and they all seem to go with your decorations. Hope you have a wonderful Valentine's Day and Anniversary.

Sweet Bee Cottage said...

What a delightful swap! So many fun things. The hedgehog is too cute.

The Quintessential Magpie said...

Girl, you hit the jackpot! Oh, look at all of your goodies. Treasure just abounds! And I think it came to the right person. So neat!


Sheila :-)

The Quintessential Magpie said...

P.S. My fave was the little porcupine. :-)

sweetlilboutique said...

Hey there,
Just noticed that we were married the same year. Your V-Day goodies looked great!
A sis in the Lord,

Patriotic Mom said...

So many fun things! My first swap and I loved it! Joan @Americana By Candlelight

Dolly said...

Hooray for you and Karen.
You both did great......
Loving all the treasures you sent each other!

Thank you so much for joining my swap!
Hugz, Dolly


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