Saturday, March 13, 2010

*Pink Creations*

Today for Pink Saturday, I thought I would share some of my favorite pink creations.  Some were gifts, some were items in my shop, and some were ones that I kept for myself.  So, get a cup of coffee, sit back, and enjoy some of my PINK CREATIONS.

I thought I'd start off with some Elegant Eggs that I created.

I had such fun creating this one.  Lots of vintage flowers, ribbons, and lace make this Elegant Egg a special one.  And it was for a special of my swap pals!

This EEgg has wonderful layers of vintage lace, millinery, and rose trinket.  This one...I kept.

Here's one of my Easter dioramas.  This is home to a little chick, and is embellished with vintage lace, ribbon, millinery, and a vintage jewelry piece sitting upon an egg cup.  {I kept this one for myself.}

This little diorama was for a special friend.  In this little eggy, you'll spot a cute little bunny.  It's topped off with lovely pink ribbon, vintage millinery leaves, and a vintage jewelry piece.

I adore this precious baby box!  It is covered in vintage lace and ribbon.  The front is adorned with precious pink roses and millinery leaves.  It is topped off with a dressed up little stork that's carrying a sweet bundled.  This one is for my shop.

This pink party hat was created with lots of love for a most special little girl.  Who you ask?

Miss Maggie Bleu, of course.  It was for her 3rd birthday.

I LOVE this magical Cinderella box!  I created it for someone for a shop.  Cinderella is ready to enter her carriage that is pulled by two white horses.  This vintage lace is some that I found inside a vintage sewing basket that I purchased.  It's some of my favorite!  The wonderful white glitter gives it such a magical touch!

I've shared this before.  It is a crown that I made for our literacy leader at school.  It was for a Reading conference dinner in Knoxville.  I presented it to her that night, to wear when they introduced all of the literacy leaders.

This "Mother" tussie mussie is a creation that was in my shop as well.  I love the vintage pearly "Mother" pin!

Another little cutie created with lots of vintage goodies for a swap.

The last one that I am sharing today is my sugary sweet pink house.  It hasn't been too long since I shared this one.  My best friend, Lisa, and I each bought a house, had a craft day, and created our sweet little pink homes.  We had such fun working on these together!

Well, I hope you have enjoyed my little creations.  A craft day is always a fun day!
Now, go by and pay Beverly a visit.  Then check out the list of pinky participants!  You'll be glad you did!

Back Porch and Pink Saturday Blessings,


Debbie@Debbie-Dabble said...

What beautiful creations! I love the eggs and adore the cute little pink house!!

fitty's pinky rose cottage said...

oh gosh.. what lovely collection and you are so creative! love them all.. can't pick one as fave! all so beautiful.. happy PS

Maggie said...

You are so talented- these are very pretty!

Happy PS!

In Shoes We Trust,
Maggie Mae
"Do these shoes Match this purse?"

Sonia said...


Your creations are so pretty...I love the vintage eggs with all the little embellishments! Adorable and I know whoever received one as a gift is going to love them! The mother tussie mussie is so special too! Just beautful!

Miss Bloomers

Karen said...

Oh you do have a nice pink Saturday. How do you work with all those tiny pieces! You must have very delicate little hands. Love it all, but especially the Cinderella! Well - and Maggie May's too! Can't forget her!
Have a beautiful day may friend!
Hugs! Karen

Lottie said...

Just beautiful! I love the little yellow chick in the egg!

Cathy said...

Hi Rebecca,

What a lovely lot of Pinkness. I adore the Cinderella coach box and the egg! So pretty.

Have a great pink weekend.

xo Cathy

Grace said...

What pretty Pink eye candy. The eggsa re beutiful. Happy Pink Saturday Grace

sherri@lavenderfields said...

Wow! You are so creative! I love all your pics today but I have to say my favourites are the dioramas!! So beautiful! I really enjoyed it all! Have a wonderful Pink Saturday and enjoy the weekend! Sherri : )

Sares said...

What beautiful pink creations! Each one is more pretty than the last. happy pink Saturday Rebecca and have a delightful weekend!

Ann Creek said...

These are simple beautiful. All of them would make a perfect holiday decoration.

Nancy said...

I've had so much fun looking at all your pretties! They're so charming.

When I read your profile I had to look at your pic again when I saw that you were 44! You look great!

Lisa said...

I do so love your sweet eggs! You are very talented!! Thanks for sharing them!
Happy Pink Saturday!
Hugs, Lisa

ThriftyAnnabella said...

Very nice - Happy late Pink Saturday!

Mieke said...

You are right, Maggie looks like our Benji, wouldn't they look great together!


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