Sunday, June 27, 2010

Flea Market Finds

The Nashville Flea Market...

The Nashville flea market has always been one of my favs.  However, it had been a LOOOONNNNNNGGGGGGG time since I'd been there.  They had shut down at one time, but they are back again.  There is "talk" about it closing down in December of this year, but that's not official.

That's me in the pic...had to put the hair up before I got this HOT day started!  See that face...that's my "happy-to-be-going-to-the-flea-market" face.  LOLOLOLOLOL

So, what better time to go than summer break...on a Friday, free 100 degree weather...BOO...but it worked out fine, and we had a ball!  We meaning my best friend and me.  I was a little disappointed that there weren't as many antiques as there use to be...however, that opinion changed really quickly because not only did I find some goodies for the shop, I found some goodies for ME!  lol

 First, let's take a look at some things that I liked but didn't end up coming home with me...

This was the very first thing that I spotted.  Neat...but HUGE break in the middle mirror.  Let's move on...

Pretty cool wire plant stand...naahhh...asking way to much for it!

Now, this was too stinking cute!  I would have LOVED to have this, as you know I adore bunnies, but she was asking way more than I was willing to spend on it.  I tried to talk her down, but it just wasn't to be.

This buggy was SO stinkin' cute!!!  And the baby...ahhhh...her face turned around revealing different was sleepy, crying, happy.  SO adorable!  Just not today...

Sweet little Frozen Charlottes...such cuties!

Ok, so are you wondering what I did buy?  I will not keep you in suspense any longer.

Vintage jewelry box that was marked $8...but I got it for $4!

The inside is a deep burgundy...and a little insect pin was just thrown in with it.
It will be perfect for holding some of my vintage bling that I have in my studio!

There was a hidden compartment in the bottom...and looky what I found...the sweetest little card and the KEY, which the man didn't realize was there.


And it was signed Kennie {yeah, with an "ie" instead of a "y"} so it must have been meant to be!  I have to wonder...Did the owner forget she had the card in there?  Did she pass on, and then no one knew to look there?  I just wonder who she was and if the baby was a girl or a boy.

At another booth, I found a wonderful red jewelry box lined in blue velvet.  It has a small indentation in the top, but it isn't bad.  It's in good vintage condition!  I think this one will end up in my studio, shop.

  Once again, there's a secret compartment...but...nothing there..Oh Well!

Look how lovely my vintage bling shows up in this one!

And here's the wonderful vintage bling that I found in several different booths.  These were GREAT prices, and they will be wonderful in some of my necklace creations {that will be appearing at Two Velvet Bunnies very soon!}

Some very unusual and really cool brooches that I need to find out about.  Any info that you may have, is greatly appreciated!

This is GREAT vintage "Fairytale" ribbon in a "green apple" color.  And it is still full!  Don't you just love the cover of it!???!  Sweet!

Here's the ribbon.

Sweet little vintage suitcase...perfect for holding millinery flowers, ribbon, photos...the ideas are endless!

Precious little silver dish---$3---that I will use in my craft studio.

TDF hat with LOADS of vintage millinery flowers!  Those flowers will be fabulous in some projects!!

And this one too...too sweet flowers!

Two sweet vintage dollies!


Let's see what kind of guesses I can get from y'all before I tell you how much little I paid for this gem of a chair!

LOVE the textile!

Now that was the deal of the day...
This last but not least is the 

Something I have been wanting for a long time...something that will be a great asset to my studio to use for my necklace creations...something that is so feminine and girly...and is a "piece of art" within itself...
Meet ...

Emma Claire...
She is so awesome!  She has a few spots that need to be cleaned, but other than that...she is perfect...and on her own little shabby white stand, no less!

There's room for all kinds of things on the bottom shelf!

Oh, I have such plans for her!

She'll be wonderful for my necklace creations!

I have dreamed of finding a vintage dress form for so long!  I just couldn't believe it when I spotted her.  I'll have to share the story of getting her soon.

So there was my adventure at the Nashville Flea Market!  My BFF and I plan on going to the next one, as well!  Do you have a favorite flea market that you like to go to?  I'd love to hear where it is located!  Be watching for new items to be added at Two Velvet Bunnies!

Back Porch Blessings,


Whimsey Creations said...

You lucky girl you! Just to have a decent flea market would be wonderful. We used to have Lakewood Fairgrounds Flea Market here every second weekend and it was five buildings (two with a bottom floor) totally full plus booths outside. It closed probably two years ago. We have another one called Scotts but it's more what I call la-de-da antiques - higher prices and not as much good 'junk'. I'm guessing maybe $20 on your chair? I'll keep my fingers crossed that your flea market doesn't decide to close.

MosaicMagpie said...

You had a very successful day! The vintage jewelry boxes make me have a sick feeling. I had 5 of these I took to the GW. I was cleaning up and thought why am I keeping these. Out they went and now I see everyone using them for storage. The moral to the story don't throw anything away!
The chair is great and I am guessing $10. The dress form is a stunner though. I could use one just like her. Great job Sister.


Charlotte said...

Great finds! I wpould love to find a dress form. Don't know why,I just do. Great luck finding the secret compartment in the jewelry box.

Nancy McCarroll - Arts, Crafts and Favorites said...

What a great, diverse blog you have! I am now following you thru the sisterhood that linked us! LOVE Emmie Lou (was that her name??) It would be perfect (and is perfect) for showing off your lovelies!! Happy blogging, Nancy M

Anitra Cameron said...

Girl, I am gonna tell you: If our flea markets had things like what you found, I would be there every single time they opened the doors! (Of course, in a month I'd be flat broke, but that's as may be.)

And the jewelry boxes are the same as my Mom's, except hers is a pastel...Drat. Now that I've seen yours, I can't remember what color Mama's is! And I HAVE that exact same chair, except different upholstery. And I'm in complete awe and envy over all the bling and flowers. Now I want to go to Nashville, too!

House and Garden Boutique said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog. This new blogger sorority is so much fun! We have a group of bloggers in Georgia that get together for lunch once a month. I see that you are in TN. If you are close, it would be wonderful to have you join us sometime.

Really like the mirror and the mannequin. Looks like my kind of flea maarket! Lynn

Linda @ A La Carte said...

You found some really awesome things are the flea market! Love the jewelry!

Roberta said...

Wow Rebecca...I had no idea that you could find such sweet things at the Flea Market. I have never been to an actual flea market...just visited lots of shops and I don't want to start now cause there is no room here in the Love Shack! Guess I'll just have to live the experience through my Sisters! Have a great day, fondly, Roberta

Karen said...

Look at how stinkin' cute you are girlfriend!
And "START THE CAR" on your treasures! The jewelry pieces are fabulous! And you got your dress form! AWESOME! My gal is Lillian . . . we'll have to introduce them.
I'm not one for going to flea markets in the heat. Joy & I went 2 weeks go - today would've actually been OK, but . . . I had so much to do with the Sorority. I guess I could look at it as I'm saving all kinds of money! :)
Have a wonderful day!
Hugs! Karen

Michella said...

How fun!!!! I love all your treasures :)) Especially your Emma Claire!!! I just love mannequins! And your vintage hats and dolls are beautiful. Looks like you had a wonderful day!! My guess on the chair is $25.00 :))
Have a great day!!
~ Michella ~
~ ~ xoxo ~ ~ said...

Oh la! You surely had a fun time and what wonderful treasures you found! I couldn't guess on the chair you bad girl--you need to tell all!

Debbie@Debbie-Dabble said...

What a fantastic flea market!!!
I loved everything that you showed us!!!
what terrific finds!! You are so lucky to be close to such a great place!!


The Polka Dot Closet said...

thanks that was fun! You did great! I remember the day I finally found my vintage dress form. It was like the music soared and a light shown on it! It was in a thrift stoe marked down from $75 to $50 dollars!
Now Your chair I am guessing a great deal would be $10.00? We'll see!


Rebecca said...

Hey Rebecca,
It's such fun to go looking for new treasures-wish we could bring it all home!

Teresa @ Grammy Girlfriend said...

Super cute blog..loved my stop

So glad to meet a new sorority sister....Hope you will stop by and visit me...I have a giveaway I am drawing for tomorrow...

mya said...

I have a jewelry box upstairs in my kids room that is just like the first one you showed. My daughter consfiscated it from me several years ago.
That mirror is gorgeous. Wonder what it costs to change out the mirror.
Last summer I was in one of the Salvation Army stores and came across a sturdy, what I would call a lady's rocker. It was in good condition with a pleasing fabric, and it was selling for $25.00. I do not pretend to know about prices, but if I had been shopping for myself and I had room for it, it would have gone home with me.
Your chair looks great, and you said you got a good deal - so I will guess $15.00 - which I think would be unbelievable.
Glad to have you drop my my blog tonight.

Fabulous Finds Studio/Boutique said...

Wow, I adore everything you purchased!
That baby carriage with bunny is adorable but I bet it was expensive...unique!
It's been a long time since I visited a flea market so thanks for taking us shopping with you :)
Have a fabulous day!

Sandra Z said...

So, you are also a "flea market" fan? I'm glad. I adore flea markets, love their atmosphere, the old things that can be found and refurbished to something adorable. Best regard, Sandra Z.

Connie Eyberg Originals said...

That mirror would have so been on its way to my house! Wow. I have to go find your studio now, just had to say "wow". It looks like you found some great items. Connie

Debbie~ said...

What a wonderful flea market! You've found some fabulous treasures, especially your Emma Claire! I too have a dress form, so I know just how you felt finding her! (My MacGiver made mine into a lamp), I adore her! Thanks for sharing! Debbie @ Cottage Hann~Me~Downs


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