Monday, June 21, 2010

Monday Mosaic: Peachy Keen! And...We Have A WINNER!

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I have been so fortunate to have my Daddy living with us for the past three months...with the exception of rehab.  For those that are new to my blog...let me's the short version.

My Daddy had a stroke a week before his 82nd birthday back in March of this year.  He was in the hospital only a week and was out of the hospital in time for his birthday.  The doctors were amazed.!  However, Daddy didn't go to his home...because the same day we got him out of the hospital, my Mom was admitted to the hospital.  She was then taken to a bigger hospital where she remained for a few weeks.  When there was nothing more they could do, my Mom was admitted to the Hospice floor of that hospital.  My family and my sister's family were with Mom up until the end.  Daddy was by her side, holding her hand, as she slipped into the arms of Jesus.  So, Daddy came to live with us because he could not live alone.  So in a few short weeks...he had a stroke {which left his speech effected}, his wife of 58 years no longer with him, and had to move out of his own home.  Through the pain and heartbreak, his spirits were good.  He really amazed me!  My Daddy has always been a hard worker, honest and loyal to all.  The most generous soul to family, friends, and even strangers!

So Saturday, Daddy was ready to make the trip to my sister's and BIL's home in Mississippi for a visit.  They had taken his little yorkie back with them and their yorkie.  Daddy was ready to see his doggy again....and ready to fish, as my sister lives on the river.  So we decided to meet halfway, which was in Clanton, Alabama.  We chose Peach Park as our meeting point.  Now, Clanton {Chilton County} is known for its peaches.  They are AwESomE!!!  At the park, they have peach everything...fried peach pies, peach pound cake, peach cobbler, peach preserves, peach taffy...just to name a few...and peach ice favorite!  What a lovely day we had, though very hot, sitting in rocking chairs, eating wonderful ice cream, and looking out over this pretty little park.  It was a wonderful day but ended too soon.  It was hard saying bye to Daddy, even though it is for just a few weeks.  I miss him already, as does Maggie, who has come to love "Grandad" even more since he was living with us.  

So, my MONDAY MOSAIC is a few shots that I snapped at Peach Park.  It is dedicated to my precious Daddy and our sweet day together!  I love my Daddy SO MUCH!

Now...on to the WINNER!!!
I used a random name generator to choose my winner.  I was so excited to have SO many names to add to the list!  Thank you all for following my blog, Our Back Porch.  The winner will receive one of my embellished journals and one of my box creations with lots of goodies inside!
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And now, with a drumroll please.....

The winner of the journal and embellished trinket box


{just a snippet from the LONG list}

Susan, please email me at
and include your full name and mailing address.  I'll get this right out to you this week!

Now, head on over to Little Red House, to see many more Monday Mosaics!
Thanks once again to all of my WONDERFUL FOLLOWERS!!!
Back Porch Blessings,


eileeninmd said...

What a lovely and touching story. Sorry about your mom passing and I wish you Dad well. Great photos and mosaic.

Jingle said...

sorry for the loss of your mom..

The Quintessential Magpie said...

Look at your precious Daddy! Oh, this story warmed my heart. What a dear man, and you are a dear daughter. I'm so sorry about your mother, but I'm thankful that he has two loving daughters to take care of him and vice versa.


Sheila :-)

Roberta said...

Just love this photo mosaic and the story about your parents. Sending your love and prayers for your Daddy that he may be at peace with his health and the loss of his wife and for you and your family as well! Have a wonderful week, fondly, Roberta


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