Tuesday, June 8, 2010

White Wednesday

This is my first time ever to participate in White Wednesday at Faded Charm.  I ADORE white, so I am super excited to join in on the fun!
So, I hope you enjoy what I have to share with you today.
Yes, I know this is NOT white...lol
Keep reading *smiles*

I found this most wonderful scrapbook titled "School Notes" recently at one of my favorite antique shops.  It is in perfect vintage condition.  I thought I might use it in a project, however, it is just too wonderful to add to, cut up, etc.  It has no rips, tears, or marks on any of the pages...positively perfect in every way!  So for now, it is fully intact...and it's mine!  *lol*
Now...let's get to the white...

I just adore the illustrations in this precious little book.

A place to fill in the year...Class of 19__
Isn't she pretty?!!
"Something on our minds"...
It has a section for all subjects.
"We Make Music"
...band, orchestra, chorus...

"Proms and Parties"
what fun!

There are several more pages in this scrapbook...all with equally wonderful illustrations.
So, do you have any ideas on using this in a project...or would you leave it as is?
I'd love to hear your thoughts.

Now, if you love white as much as I do...then you are going to have to go over to Kathleen's and check out more WW participants!  You'll be glad you did...and you can get there from here.

White Blessings,


Sherry said...

I love old illustrations like that! I am a sucker for illustrations done with line drawings.

Linda said...

I love that book! I would scan the pages and then use them in projects! I would hate to cut up that book!

Monica@The White Bench said...

This really is lovely! I drool over vintage illustrations- why don't they print like that anymore??
Happy WW,

jeanne @ juNxtaposition said...

i agree..i would just copy the pages...would not cut up the original ! nice post !

32˙North said...

Hi Rebecca,

What a great find! I agree, it would be a shame to cut up the book - the graphics should copy well... Do show us what you end up doing with them! Nice to meet you.


The Quintessential Magpie said...

Very neat graphics, Rebecca. I will be interested to see what you with this.



~~Carol~~ said...

Oh gosh, the illustrations are so sweet! I agree with Linda, that you should scan them. That way you've kept it intact, but still can use those images to make something amazing!
Happy White Wednesday!

Sares said...

What a sweet book. I think I would just leave it as is. You could always make copies if you wanted to do some sort of projects with the wonderful graphics. Hope you have a terrific day!

Sue said...

Wow, I LOVE when I find stuff like that scrapbook. Awesome drawings and "welcome" to White Wednesday!

Take care, Sue

Sue said...

Wow, I LOVE when I find stuff like that scrapbook. Awesome drawings and "welcome" to White Wednesday!

Take care, Sue

Crystal said...

What a beautiful book! You found a real treasure!

Michella said...

Hi :)) It's nice to meet you too. This is my first time participating as well. I look forward to many, many more!! I absolutely love your vintage scrapbook! I would definitely find some way to display the pictures. Thank you for leaving a comment!! I can't believe how excited I was when I saw it!! Silly I know, but I'm pretty new at this. I also added you to "my favorite blogs".
Thanks again!!!

Teena said...

Very cute! Happy White Wednesday <3

McCarthy Designs said...

What a great find, the book is gorgeous. I am with Linda and scan the drawings leaving the book in tact it is so beautiful as it is! Thank you for stopping by and visiting me. xx

awal.ny said...

How cute is that book. The only thing with leaving the book alone, usually means it stays closed and unlooked at. Why not take the pages and add to them kind of like a scrapbook in a framed picture and adding little embellishments that go with the theme of the picture. Just a suggestion, thanks for sharing. Happy White Wednesday.

Sares said...

Thanks so much for posting my party banner Rebecca! I can't wait to see what you chose this year!

Faded Charm said...

So glad you could join in today and I love this book. I think I'd keep it intact and maybe make copies for any other craft projects or scrapbooking. Very cool find.


Sandi said...

Rebecca your find is adorable!! I wouldn't be able to take it apart to use either. As someone else said, you could scan them and use them. Happy WW a day late!

Rebecca said...

Hello, Rebecca!

Just had to stop in and tell you that I think you are a real sweetheart. No kidding. What a joy it is to read you blog and share your passion!

Love the illustrations in this book. Divine!

Entered you in my giveaway. :) May the person who loves PINK THE MOST, WIN!


Dogmom Diva said...

Rebecca, love that book, such classic and beautiful illustrations! And I must check out white wednesday for next week!


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