Sunday, May 29, 2011

Let's Take A Little Stroll.....

I really enjoyed our recent walking field trip {see previous post}.  I drive down this street everyday going to and coming from work.  However, I haven't really had the chance to leisurely stroll down this busy little street.  The Painted Clay Studio is not the only house-turned-business on this street.  Come along as I take you on a visual tour of the houses along the way.

For fine dining and a great atmosphere, visit Emil's {in above two photos}.  It's a great dining experience.  This old home is gorgeous both inside and out!  Here's the link to their spring/summer menus...

Let's continue our walk, shall we?

I guess you can tell by the sign where we are next.
The Grand Lux Inn.....let's head inside.
Don't let this rather plain exterior fool you!  When you step inside {I found out after some searching on the net}you will be pleasantly surprised at what this Inn has to offer! There are 6 beautiful suites, each unique in decor' and with names to reflect each room's origin.

Upon entering, to the left, you will be welcomed by a Gathering Room.
What a great place to meet each morning or evening if you have a group in your party.  With the beautiful fireplace in this area, what a great cozy place it must be in the winter!

It looks so homey and relaxing...especially after coming from the busy street outside!

Just beyond is the breakfast nook that is set up daily with a continental breakfast.
I spy another wonderful fireplace in this area!

Want some quiet time to read?  Try out the this sweet "reading nook".

Here on business?  There is wireless internet in all rooms, and an executive conference room that is most quaint!

This is the "Chezy Room". 

Just like the champagne district of France that it is named for, this room is all about richness and glamour!
The Georgia Room looks like a most bright and cheerful place!  Being a southern girl myself, I can appreciate this sweet room.

The Inn also offers four other sweet suites:  The Hunt Room, The Carlyle Room, The Norfolk Room, and the Lyon Room.
Who knew that this old home-turned-hotel held such a wonderful secrets within!

I saved my favorite for last...

The last home on the tour in my personal favorite! 

You can find me here {ordering either a peppermint or raspberry mocha and a scone} many mornings on my way to work. 

You might even spot me some afternoon eating a wonderful sandwich and Apple Jack cake or some yummy gelato. 

There is seating upstairs and downstairs, with a comfy gathering/relaxing area where you can chat with a friend over coffee, or study for upcoming tests in your classes. 

This place offers live music and poetry reading at nights, as well.

I hope you enjoyed this little tour.  If you are ever in the area, you will want to check them out!

Back Porch Blessings,

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Sweet Cottage Dreams said...

Man! This looks like a wonderful place to while away the time! Thanks for the tour!

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