Saturday, June 18, 2011

Glider Overboard!

My doggy, Maggie, and I have been lazy today.  Everyone was out of the house until early afternoon.  So we cuddled up on the bed and settled in to watch a movie.  A weather alert began to run across the top of the screen...severe thunderstorm headed our way. 

I am always up for a good thunderstorm...and soon it began!  I ran to the bathroom window, as where we were at, we could see the trees swaying!  And boy!  Was it ever raining!  There were even a few pieces of hail...which I can do without.  lol

As I walked back toward the bed, I caught a glimpse out the bedroom window.  Something wasn't right in the backyard but I couldn't tell what it was from this view. 

So, I peeked out the other bedroom window...and that's when I saw it clearly.

Glider Overboard!
Our glider was knocked over backwards.  We'll have to get that back up when the storm lets up enough to go out!

Well by now, we were more interested in the storm than the movie...well at least I was...Maggie, not so much!  So we abandoned our movie, and headed toward the screened porch...and yes Mags accompanied me...of her own free will!  lol

I do LOVE to be on our back porch...especially during a thunderstorm!
{the white strip down the pic, above, is actually part of my screened porch}
And we sure needed the rain!
Ahhhhh...such blessings!

Rainy Day Blessings,


bellaboo said...

Seems we're all getting rough weather at the moment,very unlike June,more like october here today!

Sares said...

Storms are always so exhilarating and a little scary! I always hate the thought of losing power. HOW did people ever survive before electricity! Have a great weekend!


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