Monday, July 11, 2011

Vintage~y Fun and A Birthday!

Today has been a vintage~y fun-filled day. 

29 years ago, a precious baby boy was born.  He was a tiny little fellow, weighing in at only 5 lbs. 13 oz.  There wasn't any such thing as "premie" clothes, even though he wasn't a premie, as he was right on time.  He was just a small little guy.  Never in my dreams did I think he would clear 6 ft. but he has...and a size 13 shoe.  lol  What a blessing he has always easy to get along with, caring to others, just a good baby, a good kid, and a good young man!!!  A young Christian man who loves the Lord.  Can you tell I'm one proud Mama?  :)

Since Kenny had to work tonight, we asked Brandon to meet us for a birthday lunch instead of a birthday dinner.  We met at the Sweet Aroma Cafe.  This little cafe is locally owned, and a big hit in our small town.  It is located in "The Shoppes at Coker" building.  This use to be the Coca~Cola plant when I was young.  Now, it is home to some wonderful little shops { The Silver Mine, Simply Raven, Consigning Women, and Classy Clearance} as well as, Kneading to Unwind which is a swedish massage, and Sweet Aroma Cafe.  Their food is awesome {especially the chicken salad on a croissant and crunchy green pea salad} and their peach or pomegranate sweet tea is fabulous!!!  The whole place is just a really neat place to shop and eat...with lots of old Coca~Cola memorabilia on display.

Happy Birthday to my wonderful son, Brandon.  We are so blessed to have you as our son!!!

This afternoon it's been so HOT {the heat index was 110}...oh,who am I's been hot all day long.  This morning when I first went out, the heat just hit me full force!!!  Even tonight it's miserable out.  So, feeling drained, I just curled up in my "corner" remember my corner I shared with you recently...and reread my new Flea Market Style magazine that I finally got this week.  And look at the little drink I had...I drank the Raspberry Martini one today...isn't it in the cutest can?  It may be hard to see but at the top of the can it says "Vintage".  It was so cute, I couldn't pass it up.  I had the Lime Margarita yesterday.  Don't get too excited...they are "mocktails"...yeah, that means nonalcoholic...but that's ok by me...I'm not a drinker {except a glass of wine at a wedding or something, which isn't often}.  Anyway, I found these at KMart the other day for a dollar.  The raspberry one was the best.

Hope you've had a vintage~y kind of day.
Waving from Our Back Porch,

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Rebecca said...

Maybe I knew this but just forgot...

But...I'm Rebecca with a 29 year old son, Brandon. I am 52 and have been married 32 years (33 in September).

You are Rebecca with a 29 year old son, Brandon. How old are you? How long have you been married?

Happy B-Day to your boy! Sweet memories...



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