Saturday, March 17, 2012

Adoption Day!

This past Thursday was Adoption Day!  If you remember, my son married his sweetheart who has a little girl.  My son had plans of adopting her, and the process is finally completed! 
We didn't need a piece of paper to make her "ours" but my son is officially the Daddy of this beautiful 2 year old. 

He is such an awesome Daddy!

Oh, how they adore each other!
And we do too!
We had a fun "Adoption Day" party at the park afterwards...
with pink cupcakes, no less! 
We just wish Pa could have been at the celebration too!
What a great day!
Blessings from a Blessed Gramma,

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The Tablescaper said...

Congratulations!Such wonderful news.

- The Tablescaper


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