Friday, March 23, 2012

Super Spring Break!

Two weeks of Spring Break is quickly coming to an end, but it has been an awesome two weeks, indeed!

The first week, we had our sweet little granddaughter for five days.  We always meet halfway when we are getting her or giving her back.  We always meet in Chattanooga.  

This time we met near the Aquarium.  First, we had lunch at Blue Plate...I had the most scrumptious blueberry pancakes!  

Then we enjoyed some time in the area before we headed back.  

The next few days were filled with picnics, dress-up, playing with dollies, "dancing at the ball:, singing, reading books, working puzzles, watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, swinging, playing in the backyard, and LOTS of giggles.  Oh how I love this little girl!!!

When we took her back, I went home with them.  The next day was ADOPTION DAY!  

We didn't need a piece of paper to make this little girl "ours" but it is finally official!  
My son is officially this little cutie's Daddy!  

We had a wonderful party at the park afterwards to celebrate this beautiful day!  

Pink cupcakes were a must!
Kenny had class the next day so he didn't get to be there for this.  

However, after class, he and Maggie Bleu headed to Knoxville to get me so that we could head over to Pigeon Forge where we rented a cabin for three glorious days!

In the mountains, relaxing in the hot tub, coffee on the porch overlooking the pond, being cozy in front of the fireplace, sleeping, exploring, eating, was just what we both needed!  

We had the BEST time!

Maggie had a blast, but was one tired puppy!  lol

On our way home, we met our son, DIL, and granddaughter for lunch.
So, that was week one of Spring Break.

My second week wasn't as busy.  I did get a massage and chiropractor visit in, lunch with my teaching team, and lunch with my sister, two great-nieces, and my Daddy.  Daddy will celebrate his 84th birthday on Monday!

Now, the weekend to relax before heading back to work on Monday.  I've got to get back on schedule, as I have stayed up way tooooo late during break.

Hope you are enjoying spring in your area!


Sonia said...

Sounds like a perfect spring break! Your grandaughter is precious..congrats on the adoption being official. The cabin looks wonderful. We have vacationed in Chattanooga before and enjoyed it so much especially the aquarium. Enjoyed your post!
Miss Bloomers

Betsy from Tennessee said...

HI Rebecca, It's GREAT to hear from you and I loved reading about your 2 week Spring break... Sounded wonderful especially that cabin in the Smokies. Your granddaughter is gorgeous...

I had no idea you lived in Tullahoma. Dad Adams is there living with his sister--and we go down there every 2-3 weeks. Nice little city!

Hope school is going well for you this year.


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