Saturday, October 27, 2007

Hello! Hope you are having an awesome weekend! It is getting quite chilly here. We have had a week of rain, and it has been most welcomed! We still could use more after the dry summer we had! Well, first things first.....the count down.....2, count'em, 2 days until Brandon will be home for good! I just can't stand the wait! LOL We are getting things ready around here to add another person to the household again--quite happily, I might add! Ofcourse we lived at our other house still when Brandon left for the Air Force. Ofcourse he has been here to our new house, several times when he was in on leave, but hasn 't "lived" here actually. We have four bedrooms, so it is not a problem ofcourse. Brandon will basically take the Jack and Jill bedrooms with the bath in between. He's going to make one of the rooms his bedroom, and the other one a "common" living area for him and Blake to hang out in. They'll put a tv, computer, sofa, etc. in there. Blake's bedroom is down another hall. The little room (it doesn't have a name yet-hee hee) will become Kenny's office. It is a little smaller than the bedroom (that will be the common area) where his office is now. However, this room is closer to our bedroom anyway. This"little room" will hopefully become a nursery for grandbabies some day. lol It is a sweet little room with one wall being brick. I'll save this room, for another post though.
With the fall weather upon us now, it is starting to feel like it should this time of year. I am getting ready for all the little spooks to arrive on Halloween for their trick-or-treat candy. Here's a little pic of some goodies that are at my front porch. The "Maggie dog" isn't part of it as that is always there.

Until next, keep smiling, and stay cozy warm!

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Nancze said...

Hi Rebecca, what great decorations and I love the dog! Looks like it should be there with the others. Also the inside decor is beautiful. I am so happy for you and you sound all prepared for the return of your son. I enjoy seeing all your decorations and pictures. You can tell you have a beautiful home! Love and ~hugs~

Jules said...

Hi Rebecca :) I am so glad that your son will be home soon. It sounds like you all have everything planned out. I do enjoy seeing your decorating pictures, so keep 'em coming. Have a super week!

Sweet Cottage Dreams said...

Hi Rebecca!!! Thank you so much for leaving a comment today and nice to meet you! We have a lot in common! Email me sometime and I will fill you in. I love your home!!! It is so pretty and very warm and inviting...I can tell that your home is loved.


Allison said...

Hi Rebecca. I really like your signs, pumpkin, and puppy. It looks very nice. I'm very happy for you that your son is returning home. I bet you are very excited about it. I'm sure he'll have a wonderful homecoming.


Sweet Cottage Dreams said...

Hi REbecca - I did not get the email from you, but do try again. I am glad to know that your son is coming home. He will love it, as I know you will. TTYS, Becky

PAT said...

Hello Rebecca, I just stopped by The Cottage Nest. Your blog name intrigued I clicked away!

We are Lab lovers here...ours is black and her name is Molly.

Come by my back porch, sometime!


The Tattered Nest said...

I am so glad your son is coming home to you...Have a great time together!


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