Monday, October 15, 2007

This is a picture of our fireplace in our Family Room. The decor changes with the seasons. Our walls are a light caramel color, which is the perfect backdrop for this. Brilliant oranges, golds and reds tell us that Autumn has finally arrived.

This is a display of some goodies I bought for Thanksgiving decorating. I just love the Pilgrim man and woman and shaker boxes. But I really LOVE my white pumpkin with inscription, "We Gather With Thankful Hearts". We do have so much to be thankful for!

~I love my Country Kitchen~
This is my favorite piece! When Kenny and I first married, I was really getting into collecting antiques and junque. I wanted a pie safe. The kind I wanted was ultimately the one I got. Here's how it happened.....

I was teaching preschool, and our cook happened to overhear me talking about my love of antiques, and my desire to own a pie safe. Later that day, she approached me and said that she had an old pie safe that she would sell me for $125. OMG, I was ecstatic!

So that evening after work, we went to her home to collect my new goody--OMG--a pie safe. I asked my Dad to meet us there, because he was going to be refinishing it for us, as she told us it would need. When we arrived, she invited us in, and proceeded to tell us that it wasn't in the prettiest shape. My heart sank, not knowing what condition we would find it in after all.

As she opened her garage door, she revealed my new-found treasure. OMG, no it wasn't pretty, it had layer after layer of paint on it, with green being the top coat. I looked it over, as did Kenny and my Dad. It seemed to be in good shape but it was ugly--hee hee. However, I could see past that "ugly" and envision how I knew it could be. Kenny and my Dad did not quite have the same vision, asking me several times, "Are you sure this is what you want?" "YES!" is all I could get out. So we loaded it in the truck, and took it to my parents' home for my Dad to begin the work on it. While my Dad began to work, I began to search. I found that my pie safe is circa 1800's. I didn't even get a chance to call them for a daily update because my Mom or Dad would beat me to it to give me an update on the day's progression. When my Dad found it was oak underneath, you would have thought we struck oil! Yippee!

Ok, so that's my story about how my pie safe came to be. You can see it in the picture on the left. Or if you ever come for a visit, it will be Kenny who will show you the piece, like a proud daddy--hee hee. Now he can see before his eyes what I envisioned back in the garage that fateful pie safe day.
Here's a picture up close of the punched tin.

~Country Goodies~

High atop my pie safe is a very small part of my advertising tins collection. The Maine Corn tin was in a goody package from my penpal in Maine.

I just LOVE my rolling pins. My favorites are the ones with the red handles. However, I do love those green ones too. My little Peppy and Salty shakers always make me smile!


Renee said...

Hi Sis,
Your Blog is just beautiful! I love it. I will get you added to my blog roll.

Allison said...

Rebecca, your kitchen is so cute. Love, love that cabinet!! It's so great, and the color looks really good with the red walls. Love all the decorative elements, and your fireplace with its decorations.



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