Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Mirror, Mirror On The Wall

I do so love decorating with mirrors!
It's not because of a vain issue, hee hee, I just love the way you can make a display. If placed in a small room, you can give the effect of a much larger space. However, you want to make sure it is facing an area that you would want it to reflect. I just love what all you can do with them. I have one I use on my dresser with perfumes and such. I'll have to get a pic for you of that. My latest mirror acquisition is on the vanity in my guest bath(pictured above). I love the little bird atop this sweet little table mirror! Pictured below, is a wall with a few of my fav mirrors.

I got these sweet little hand mirrors at the Nashville Flea Market. With these little goodies, I added to two of my collections: mirrors and old spoons. I LOVE these. I got them for $5 each! The lady at the booth makes all kinds of wonderful things from spoons. Aside from the mirrors, I also made a purchase of several spoon necklaces for $5 each! *screams*
I LOVE the "Spoon Lady"!!
Below, you see the mirrors on the back and an upclose pic of the designs.

Now, the next time you pass a mirror in a store, take a quick glance at yourself *wink* and then think about how you can use it in a display in your home!

Until next time, keep smiling!


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Nancze said...

Hi Rebecca, Very nice blog and loved all the pretty pictures. Your dog is so adorable! Thanks for visiting and I'll add you to my reads. Love and ~hugs~


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