Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Hello everyone!

Hope you are having a great week thus far. Yesterday was Veteran's Day, and while many businesses were closed, school remained open. Last night we had our Veteran's Day program at school. There was a really nice slide presentation to honor our "home-grown" heroes! Ofcourse, I added Brandon's picture to the presentation. When it was over, the lady that presented the program said, next time you see a Vet, hug them, shake their hand, or something to show your appreciation to them. This was SOOOO easy for me, because our Vet is home for good--oh yeah, you already know that, but it feels so good to have him here and see him every day again!! The movers finally got his stuff here. We have boxes everywhere--it's just like when we first moved in, but I don't care because I have my "baby" back home!!
I love black and white photos. Old ones, new ones, I just love them! I am sharing a picture that I took of our family room. It is by accident that it was black and white though. I didn't realize that my youngest son had changed the settings when using my camera last. I liked the way it came out though, so here it is. Just thought I'd share.
Until next time, hugs and blessings to all!

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Jules said...

Hi Rebecca! I will never tire of hearing you talk about your son (even if I have heard it a million times). It's got to be so exciting to finally have him back home with you, so feel free to talk about him all you want :) I love b&w pictures too. Have a great evening


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