Sunday, November 4, 2007

I thought I would share a few treasures I got on my shopping trip with Lisa a couple of weeks ago. All of the Halloween decorations are down, and the Thanksgiving are up. I will not start decorating for Christmas until Thanksgiving is over. I usually decorate the day after Christmas while I am off for break. We go right up until Christmas this year, so I have the week of Christmas and the week after Christmas for Christmas vacation.

My sweet friend, Judy, mentioned a good idea that just might work for me this year. I usually do my shopping a little a long, but then I am usually out shopping right up to the last minute. Well, seeing how school isn't out until the 21st (Yikes!) I need a better plan. She mentioned about doing online shopping. I think that's a great idea. Of course there will be some items that I can't do that with but I might can do a lot of my other shopping. Hey, it's worth a look into it! It just won't feel right if I don't go out Christmas shopping, so I know I will some, but I think this online thing might at least help out!

If you have any online shops you like, leave a post for us all to enjoy! Thanks!

Ok, now on to the goodies.....

Aren't these Santa boots awesome! I am going to put them in my fireplace (not to worry-there won't be a real fire going) along with a Santa hat. I think that will be soooo cute!

These are sooo me! I just fell in love with these little Carolers! They'll have a good home for sure. There little mouths are too sweet!
I love this!! This is very similar to my Heartland Creek pieces by Jim Shore. I just had to have this! You can see my snowman candlestick too. I thought he was a cutie. He'll be great in my kitchen!
There were several different ones of these, but this was my favorite one. The garland and berries will go on my mantle.

Well, that's my Christmas goodies from that trip. I can't wait to start decorating for Christmas, but I will hold off until after Thanksgiving as I always do. It's just so more tempting this year, since we are in a new home!

Until next time,

Hugs and Blessings,



Judy said...

Rebecca, I 'love' your blog! We have lots in common I see, as I read your likes & dislikes. Love the Santa boots & love the idea of the hat with them in the fireplace. I think you will love the online shopping. I too love going out with the Christmas shoppers - it wouldn't seem like Christmas if I didn't. It would be 'so' nice though, to have basically all shopping finished, & just go out to enjoy. My friends love it. The Google account I had to sign in with, is a blog that I had every intention on making an entry in each day, but with my Mom getting sick & then losing her, that got put on the back burner. It's just me 'thinking out loud' spiritually type of blog. Have a blessed week Rebecca! Hugs...

regina barnett said...

Loved it all, The Santa boots are just to cute.

London said...

the boots are fantastic!!! :) :)

London Souther Belle ;)


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