Saturday, November 3, 2007

You may have a different opinion about dogs than I do, but I really think dogs can understand words, not just the sound. When we were in "puppy preschool", the instructor tried to tell us this, but I am just not convinced! Maggie is so smart, and she knows so many words. We can teach her a new word, and with just a few times, she remembers (for good) what that word is. We have tried saying it different ways, and she still knows. I thought I would share the words in my little smarty's vocabulary.

night night
kitty cat (this is the cat next door-she goes to the window to see it)
squirrel (same as above)
Sponge Bob
breckus (don't laugh--this is for "breakfast" which is all meals--lol)
bubba (she goes to look for him)

I am sure I have missed some but it just amazes me!
Won't you share your smarty's vocabulary with us??

Here's the Saturday Special.....
1. While driving through an old abandoned town you take a turn down a side road and spot a railroad yard with an old train station, thinking it might be fun to explore it, you park the car and run toward the station.
2. Walking through the old train station you get a funny feeling you are not alone, you turn to see something moving.
3. Rushing back to your car and just about to cross the old tracks you hear the sound of a train whistle pass you but you don't stop to look.
4. Once in your car driving away you think to yourself that was a close one!!

The Saturday Special

Have a good rest of the weekend!
Until next time,
Hug your furbabies!


sugarnspice said...

Wow!! Smart pup!!
We're having troubles with our lil pup.. I wanna send her to obedience school, I think.
Thanks for stopping by my blog :)

Nancze said...

Hey there Lady Bug, I am not sure if I can say that pups know words, but I believe in a way they do when taught what a word is associated with. My doxie P.L. is smart that way too. I'll say where's your toy? and She goes and get's it and understands that it is different from her balls. I tell him to go P.P. when he goes outside and that is what he does. If I holler hurry up! He'll do that too. lol. So smart they can be. So glad your baby is home and sounds like Halloween was a great time for you and the kids! Love and ~hugs~

Sweet Cottage Dreams said...

Maggie girl is soooo sweet!! So smart, too! That is a good thing!! Doogie knows what nummers and hungies mean..of course this translates to num-nums and hungry. When we tell him "go for a ride?" his ears perk right up. I tell ya, they are little people just all covered up in fur!!! xo, Becky

regina barnett said...

A very cute dog. I do believe dogs understand what you say to them. I have 5 that i talk to and i know they know what i say to them. They are alway looking at me square in the eyes.When i speak. Thanks for sharing your pooch.


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