Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Thanksgiving Break has officially started for me. After spending the day making all kinds of Thanksgiving crafts, activities, and such with my third graders, I am now ready to give much thought as to my dishes for Thanksgiving dinner. This year, we are having Thanksgiving at our house. This is a first, as we have always had it at my parents' home. God has blessed us this year with a home that will accommodate our family for dinner. I had originally planned on us having Christmas for everyone at our new home, and we would still have Thanksgiving at my parents' as usual. However, my Mom got news last week that she has to have knee replacement surgery. Since she is in such a great deal of pain, we have talked her into having it done sooner than she had planned. So, we will have both Thanksgiving and Christmas at our home this year for everyone. My Mom will have surgery next week. I am so happy to get to do this for everyone, as we have not been able to accommodate that many people until this year. I truly feel blessed that we can offer our home for this, as it really lifts a burden from my Mom. She always cooks a HUGE amount of food, and enjoys doing it so much, but we have talked her out of it this year. She just can't hold out to do all that she has done in the past. She would never have it any other way, but I think she has come to realize that she just doesn't need to do all of that! I am thankful that she will let us all help her more this year!

I am also thankful for having Brandon home for good! We do have so much to be thankful for!! God has been so good to us!

I have posted a picture of some of my dishes that await being filled with all kinds of Thanksgiving food. The egg dish is old. It belonged to my mother-in-law, who is no longer with us. I will proudly display my deviled eggs in her dish!

*Simple Pleasures*
Here is a pic of some leaves I gathered up today. Maggie and I were playing outside as usual, and I couldn't resist picking up some of the beautiful autumn leaves that covered the backyard. As I reached down to pick up one, I would spot another one, and another, and another! LOL Soon, I had two handfuls of leaves. They are just so pretty! I love this time of year. Funny how something so simple can bring you such pleasure! God's beauty is everywhere. We just have to reach out for it!

We wish you all a very Happy Thanksgiving. I'll share some of my dishes and recipes soon.
Until next time.....
Hugs and Blessings,

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Judy said...

How wonderful you are to open up your home to your family. We have talked about the same thing - how God blesses us with a lovely big home, & we need to share that blessing. I am sure your Mom appreciates this so much. I have a Brandon too. I take it that he is your son. The leaves were beautiful! Thank you for sharing that picture. Have a blessed Thanksgiving! Hugs!


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