Saturday, November 17, 2007

In My Own Little Corner--In My Own Little Chair

Do you remember that song from Rodgers and Hammerstein's Cinderella? The one with Stuart Damon (from General Hospital) and Lesley Anne Warren. It came out in 1965, the year I was born. I loved this as a little girl, and still love those songs!! I remember the words to most of the songs! Do you have an area that you call your "own". I do. Let me tell you about my own little corner!

I love this area of our bedroom. It is a very small sitting area, but it is just so cozy! I have a chair, with lots of comfy pillows, small throw blanket, fun magazines, and my daily devotionals. I love to sit here and read my decorating mags or read in my devotional. It's just a quite place to go when I just want to have a little "me" time. The other night, I wasn't feeling really well when I came home from work. There's been a lot of stuff going around already. Anyway, I retreated to my little area, and it was the perfect setting for me to relax! A thunderstorm began, and those that know me, know how much I love, love, love a good thunderstorm! Anyway, it was the most relaxing, peaceful nap that I have had in a while! I just love this little area!! LOL

Here's this week's Saturday Special

1. While visiting in Europe and driving along the countryside you spot a famous castle that has long been empty. Excited you decide to check it out. Your curiosity getting the best of you, you drive through the large iron gates to the castle and get out of your car and walk past the large fountain in the court yard to the main enormous door and __________?: I carefully open it.

2. Entering the castle you are in a large completely furnished hall and a room with two large sliding doors closed on your right, a beautiful spiral staircase ahead and another room on your left also with closed doors. You decide to take the __________?: stairs

3. Much to your surprise you find __________?: a large completely-furnished bedroom. I carefully pick up a few items on the dresser, but the open closet door catches my eye. As I make my way toward it, I wonder what I will find. I carefully open the closet door wide enough to peek inside. It is full of beautiful ball gowns, tiaras, shoes, and purses. A beautifully baby pink gown catches my eye. I have to try it on. It is a perfect fit, and I feel like a princess! You know I have to try on the shoe with it. To complete the look, I must try on a tiara too. As I turn round and round admire the gorgeous fabric, I spot a full length mirror. I must take a look at myself. Beautiful if I do say so myself. But it is getting late, and I must leave. I put everything back just as I found it, and head down the stairs, my head still reeling.

4. Upon leaving and driving off, you know you will never forget this adventure and think to yourself __________?: I am so glad I had the courage to go into the castle by myself, but more proud of myself for taking the chance to try on the beautiful clothing.


Nancze said...

Hi Rebecca, sorry it's been awhile since I visited. It's been a rough week for me and my sinus's are still bothering me alot. I love your cozy corner. Also enjoyed your S.S. story. I hope you have a great week-end. Thinking of you! Lots of ~hugs~

Jules said...

Hiya Rebecca! I have a little spot like that in our bedroom too and love to sit in there and just read and relax. Colds are going around here too and my hubby has been sick with one for about a week or so and I think I am coming down with a slight cold. Nothing major I hope! I enjoyed your SS story too!

Judy said...

Rebecca, I love your cozy corner! I have tried to carve out a special place for me too, but there are too many places I love. I really do want a cozy corner though, so you have inspired me to set apart a little nook. I really loved the b/w family room photo! Where did you get the iron hangings on the wall? That is 'exactly' what we have been searching for, but haven't found them. Have a blessed week! Hugs!


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