Sunday, February 24, 2008

Craft Supplies and Echoing Angels

Good Sunday Afternoon!

I have been busy around the house this afternoon. Besides doing a couple loads of laundry, I cleaned up my craft table. Wow! It was in such disarray. Like with my decorating, I have been getting all of my spring and Easter craft supplies oragnized and ready. Here are a few pics that I took of the top shelf of my craft table. You always feel such better (but tired) after you clean. This was no different. I am ready to start using all my Easter treasures to make some sweet spring goodies. Here are some goodies I have acquired recently to get some projects started. I love the little glitter bunny ornaments that I found at Hobby Lobby. They come in pink, blue, green, and yellow. The little picks are the ones that I got at One Hundred Wishes. Aren't they so sweet?!?

This evening, we will be heading back to church for a concert by Echoing Angels. I am excited for two reasons:
1. I have heard them before, and they are awesome!
2. Raimah is opening for them (my guys' band).

I have added a link below for Echoing Angels in case you want to visit their site.

Other than that, it is a quiet Sunday in the Wrinn household.
Have a beautiful week!
Hugs and Blessings,

Echoing Angels

Hugs and Blessings,


Mary Isabella said...

Loving the header and the music...Mary

Tammy said...

I'm getting into the "pastel" mood myself!

Hope you have a wonderful evening!

Shelley said...

Hello, just had to comment on your sweet bunnies.They are all so adorable. I really like the Mommy with the carriage. To Cute!
I may need to take a trip to Hobby Lobby and check out their Easter decorations. Love those little glitter bunnies.
Can't wait to see your creations.

God Bless, Shelley

Inspired Tokens said...

It sounds like you had a splendid day, even though there was some cleaning involved. Can't wait to hear how the concert was? Have and wonderful week, and I'll also be waiting to see what beautiful creations you make with all those lovely 'bunny' delights.


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