Thursday, February 21, 2008

Kelly Turns The Big 3-0!!
Kelly is my first niece. I can't believe how time has flown by! It seems like yesterday my Bee-Boo was born! Today she turned 30! I was only 12 when I became an aunt for the first time. Boy, was I ever proud! I remember back to the day that she was born. They were living in Mississippi (Air Force) so we were not there at the time of her birth. When we got the call, I got so excited that I started to jump for joy! I decided to run next door to where my grandparents lived to tell them of the good news! I was running so fast that I skidded across our hardwood floors, and right into the door frame! I skinned up my leg pretty good, but I didn't stop to even notice. I headed out the door at full speed, shouting the good news before I even reached their house. When Kelly was born, she had a headful of dark black hair. We were all fair skin, but her dad had dark hair (Italian). The incredible amount was what we were shocked at. She had enough hair to wear a bow when she was first born. The hair came down the back of her little neck! We couldn't believe it. I was lucky enough to visit them over Spring Break and get to stay a while with them. I was in heaven! Now, my Bee Boo has a daughter of her own. I was just as excited and proud when Corinne came into the world as well. I am so proud of Kelly! She has worked so hard to make a life for Corinne and herself. She is one strong young lady!

Happy, Happy Birthday Kelly!
You will always be my "Bee-Boo"!



Inspired Tokens said...

Lovely niece...she's beautiful. Happy Birthday to Kelly! I hope that she had a wonderful day!

Melissa K. Hand said...

Kelly told me she looked at your link to your tribute to her while at work and she had tears in her eyes. She and Corinne are very ill right now with this upper respiratory thing going around. Before that set in, Buddy and I took Kelly and Corinne out to dinner to celebrate her birthday at Kebab Grill...Mediterranean Food...yum! Anyway, she hasn't had a chance to tell you, but she loved the tribute to her on her big 30! Thanks so much for making her feel so special!

Love From Your Sis,



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