Saturday, March 29, 2008

Rainy Saturday!

Wow! It's been pouring outside today. Better yet, there's lots of thunder to go along with it! You know how I LOVE a good thunderstorm! I always have since I was a kid. You think about thunderstorms and kids, and usually they are scared of them. Not Me! Anyway, here's a pic of our deck. No, that isn't snow on the deck. The rain knocked all the blooms off the trees, so now they don't look as pretty! Today is a great day to stay in and snuggle up with a good book, bake something ooey-gooey, or just take a nap. However, I haven't opted for any of those things. I decided to sit down and do a little pixeling. I am working on a new character for my member's area of Whimsical Beginnings. Here are a few shots of my website. These are some of my newest creations that I have worked on while I was on spring break.

Here are two of my newest teddy bears. The top one is Fizzle Bear. I just love him. There are lots of little faces to choose from to make him have different facial features. You can even make your own face. The bottom teddy bear is named Raggles. He is kind of a scraggly bear which leads one to think that he has been very well-loved! I think he is precious!

This shot is of one of my dolls, Fizzle. You may notice the name is the same as my first bear in the pic above. I made Fizzle first and then turned it into a bear as well. So the clothes that fits Fizzle will also fit Fizzle Bear. I am thinking about making Fizzle Bunny too. The sweet webset is from Rosey Posey Pixels. I just LOVE all of Jen's graphics!

So, now I am working on some new characters that will find a home in Whimsical Beginnings Member's Area real soon.
Stay dry and enjoy the day. I will!

Here's the Saturday Special
1. It's 1:00pm on Sunday and I'm usually____at this time.
ANSWER: Eating lunch with my family after church

2. It's 6:00pm on Monday and I'm usually____at this time.
ANSWER: Cooking dinner

3. It's 9:00pm Wednesday and I'm usually____at this time.
ANSWER: Watching TV

4. It's 4:30pm on Friday and I'm usually_____at this time.
ANSWER: On my computer


Irish Cottage Dreams said...

Very pretty site. I love the music!! Thank you for
visiting my blog :) ~kimme

prettyshabby said...

Hi Rebecca, thanks for your lovely message,
I LOVE a good thunderstorm I could watch them for hours...we have them more in the summer though, when it gets hot and muggy. Your Saturday sounded great..books,baking(yum),sleeping..Fab!
Sairer x

Katie said...

I share your love of thunderstorms, Rebecca! Of course, only if I'm indoors!...Katie


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