Friday, March 21, 2008

Actually, I have two secrets to share.....

Secret No. 1
Tomorrow, we are having a SURPRISE Birthday party for my Dad. He will turn 80 on March 26! He has no clue what we have up our sleeves! We have invited family and friends to gather at our home tomorrow at 4:00 to be ready to jump out and yell surprise! He just thinks my sister and her husband are coming in for Easter weekend, but he has no clue that so many others are too!
My Dad retired from the Post Office, so that is the theme that we decided to go with. Iris at The Flour Shop is making the cake and mints.....mmmmm.....She is awesome! I have ordered some unbeliveably good thumbprint cookies from Designer Cakes and will pick those up in the morning. The flowers are being delivered at noon tomorrow, and I have spent the day decorating and getting things ready. Now, we just need the guests and the guest of honor.

Secret No.2

It's not a secret that I am in Heather's Junque In My Trunk Swap. And, it's not a secret that Katie is my pal for the swap. However, Katie has no clue what I am making for her and the goodies that I am collecting for her special "junque" box. I am just so excited about this swap! It is going to be a FUN one! So here's a little snippet of what I am making for Katie. Sorry, that's all you get right now, because we don't swap until April and I can't spoil the surprise for Katie.

Ok, so those are my secrets. So, shhhhhh, mums the word!
Hugs and Blessings,

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Pam said...

I hope the party goes well! We gave an 80th for my Mom and her Twin sister 2 years turned out to be an unbelievably wonderful experience. We had planned for months, and they were so surprised. I hope that your day turns out to be just as beautiful.


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