Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy Easter and Happy 80th Daddy!
**Picture Intense Post* Hee Hee*

First of All.....Happy Easter to everyone!
May we each remember the cross and the empty tomb, and realize the many blessings He has given us!

Hmmmmm.....I spy some Easter baskets for the boys and Maggie.

The boys' baskets have all their fav goodies inside. Maggie got a new sweet puppy dog, a sequinced choker, sequinced and leopard neckerchief, some yummy doggy treats, and some bling.....a rhinestone charm for her collar.

Actually, the boys and Maggie didn't get to check out their baskets before church because of being soooo tired from last night's party (see second part of this post). We were cutting it short on getting to church on time.

Who's that in the window? Oh, I guess Maggie has spied the baskets too!

Brandon gives a thumbs up for his basket, but not before he puts on his shades to look cool!

Blake likes the chocolate Easter bunny but it has to be the one with the "pick off" joke.....In short, he wants the one that has candy eyes NOT the ones with the "fake eyes" that they make now.

Here's Miss Mags checking out her Easter treats.

Hey Y'all! Check out my new neckerchief and my little bling!

Thank you Easter Bunny, bawk bawk!

Now, on to the Birthday Party for my Dad!

Here's my Dad THEN.

Here's the birthday boy NOW.

Yesterday, a small gathering of about 20 joined us for a celebration of my Dad's 80th birthday. It was a surprise party that we were planning quite a while.....he didn't suspect a thing!! He thought they were coming to my house for dinner. Everyone gathered at our house around 4:00. My parents arrived around 4:30. .....and everyone was hiding in the dining room.
When we all yelled surprise as he entered the dining room, he said, "What's this for?" His birthday is actually next Wed. so he wasn't sure.....hee hee.....totally caught off guard! YES! We did it!
My Dad gave 2 thumbs up when he figured it out!

The cake was decorated like his first mailman patch.

Here are some of the guests at the party.

My sister, Melissa and hubby, Buddy with my parents.

Kenny and me with my parents

Kristin and Jamie

Brandon and Blake

Corinne and Giovanna

Jenny and Brian

Jenny's parents

Jenny's Nanny

One of my Dad's post office buddies.

Here are some party pics to enjoy.....

There were some guests that could only drop by briefly to extend birthday wishes to my Dad so I didn't get pics of them. One of them even sent a limosine for my parents! This was something that surprised us all. Actually, several of us got to ride with them! Here are some pics.....

Oooooh, a stolen kiss inside the limo!

It was a wonderful day! Fun was had by all that attended!

Happy Birthday Daddy!!
We Love You!!


Susan said...

I really enjoyed my visit today and getting to see your dad's party. I have worked for the USPS for 33 years and have a few more to go. A belated birthday wish from one postal worker to another!
Have a blessed week Rebecca

Katie said...

That looks like it was quite a party, Rebecca...I love the quote, "If I'd known I was going to live this long, I would have taken better care of myself." (Not sure who said that)...Glad you had a fun day...Take care, Katie

Renee said...

Hello Sis,
The pictures were all wonderful and it looks like you all had such a great Easter and Birthday celebration. Enjoy your week off!

Pam said...

I'm so glad the party was a success!! Thank you for sharing the looks like a wonderful day.
I hope you have a great week!

Sherry said...

Your family and your home are so lovely! It's so nice to have family around. Happy Birthday to your dad he looks like he had a great time!! I love your haircut too, it looks so nice!
Have a great week!


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