Saturday, March 8, 2008

*Sweet Yummy Goodness*
Well, I have been decorating again. I have been getting the rest of my Easter Treats out. Also, I got a few lovelies through the mail today. So, I'll show those first.

I fell in love with this sweet spring bracelet. I fell in love with this when I saw it at Cottage Touch! Look at all the buttons and baubles. Aren't they just fabulous!?! This picture doesn't do it justice! Thanks Denise. Your work is beautiful! I hope you have more bracelets soon!

Next, take a look at this awesome Easter banner made by Rhea at Sweet Shabby Roses. I saw this in her Etsy shop and had to have it. It IS why we celebrate Easter after all, so I feel so blessed to have found this to display in my home.
I also got some really cute things for my Easter swap partner, so I can't show those just yet.

Now, on to the decorating. I love this. I put this sweet Easter posy banner pocket from Saturday Finds in my big apothecary jar. I have ordered a few more things to fill this jar, so I'll show those when they arrive. The cute little Easter tag was made by Rhea also. Isn't it just lovely! .

Here's my sweet bunny that I showed you before when I first got it. I took a quick pic for you then, but now you can see it in my vignette She is a Nicol Sayre that I bought from Andrea at One Hundred Wishes. I think she is just precious with her sweet little Easter basket!

This is another one of my Jim Shore pieces.....remember the sweet little bunny pushing the baby carriage in one of my previous posts? I just love his work. I still want his Easter Basket one, but I haven't found it in stock anywhere yet. They went really fast everywhere!

And what about these little cuties?!? I got the paper mache' Easter egg at Saturday Finds also. The little blue bunny under the cloche was inside the egg. Can you tell I have been doing some online shopping lately. Don't you just love all the sweet little shops there are online to browse through. Gosh, I just love it!!

Ok, now just one more pic for today. Isn't this the sweetest little bird's nest full of eggs!?! And I got it for $4.99, yep, sure did! I found it at Peebles last week when I went in to browse. I clipped the sweet little bird ornament that I bought at One Hundred Wishes on it. I just think it is the sweetest thing!

Now, if you continue to read today's post, you will see another reason why I was so excited to get all of these spring goodies today. We already got our snow day last week, so I am ready to move on to spring. However, Mother Nature had her own thoughts about that.....

Snow Dance
The snow dance worked once again, sort of.....Let me elaborate.....
In our area, we don't get enough snow for snow days from school. I can't say we don't get any anymore, because we did get one last week. *Yippee* When we hear that the weatherman has predicted snow, we always say to each other, "Be sure you do the snow dance tonight!" My friend Lisa teaches in a town about 25 min. away from me, and they get snow days (several) every year. She works in a county school system and their student population has many that live in rural areas or the mountain where buses can't travel with the snow. However, we usually only get enough snow to close school every 5 or so years. We are a city school system and with the light snow that we get, it doesn't seem to be enough to close our schools. (Like I said, we did get a snow day last week though.)

Well, we heard yesterday that it was suppose to snow quite a bit. However, it wouldn't start until Friday night on into Saturday morning. Whoever did the snow dance this time, did a great job as far as the amount of snow goes. However, they needed to dance a little earlier because now we have enough snow to definitely close the schools.....but it's SATURDAY!
Waaahhhhh.....hee hee

Oh well, let's look on the bright side.....We only have one more week until our 2 Week Spring Break!! Hip, Hip, Hurray!!!!!

Hugs and Blessings,

Now on to the Saturday Special

~What's Your Favorite?...~

1. Favorite Time Of Day?: afternoon when I work, mornings when I am off for the summer!
2. Favorite Day Of The Week?: Saturday, Sunday
3. Favorite Month Of The Year?: June and December
4. Favorite Type Of Weather?: warm and sunny so I can sit on my screened-in porch!

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