Sunday, April 6, 2008

Show and Tell Sunday
*I am finally getting this posted*

Cerri and Analise have come up with a great idea! On Sundays, there will be a Show and Tell of a particular item. I missed out on last week's theme, Buttons, but wanted to get in on this week's vintage Millinery.
So, here's what little I have to show on this particular theme.....Enjoy!

This is my favorite is pink with roses, ofcourse! I adore my black hatbox!

I love the vintage millinery on this hat! Such sweet little flowers!

I think this hat is just fun!
In the background, you can see another one of my black hatboxes.

I especially love the sweet pin on it!

Here's the last hat that I have. I love RED!!

***For some reason, these pictures were lost when I uploaded this post. So here are the others that were suppose to be here too.*

Bowl of millinery
Some more yummy millinery

I love these flowers!


Little Pink Studio said...

Lovely collection! I love that black and white hat!
Thanks for playing along!

Katie said...

My hat is off to you, Rebecca!...Thanks for sharing...Katie


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