Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Sugar Overload!
I got a couple of my orders through the mail. I was squealing with delight as I opened each one! I think I'm on a sugar high! hee hee First, I got these from Cheryl's Etsy shop, Valise Queen Aren't the little flower fairy babies precious! I have plans for these little sweeties! The shabby chipped paint hearts are awesome!! And sooooo much yummy pinkness!

These little stackable boxes came in three different shapes: round, star, and square. There are five different sizes, with these being the biggest.

These goodies came from Andrea's One Hundred Wishes. These velvety ribbons are awesome! There were also posies, paper lace, and much more. I even found one of her luscious signature lollipops!
Another Swap!
I just love swaps! I remember my very first one back at Valentine's Day. I was soooo nervous but it turned out wonderful. Actually, all of my swaps have been great!! I am so excited about this swap. It is Heather's Junque In My Trunk Swap. I am paired with Katie of Hazel's Vintage Pretties. We mailed each other's package off yesterday. I hope she loves all the "junque" that I sent her. I hope you enjoys the box that I created for her. I'll post everything when I know that she has received it.

I also sent my sister's package yesterday. I didn't take a pic of the charm necklace that I sent her, but here's what I made for her. So, MELISSA, IF YOU ARE READING THIS, DON'T GO ANY FURTHER UNTIL YOU RECEIVE YOUR PACKAGE!!
Here's her tussie mussie. I made two new ones. The pink one is hers. I hope she likes it! The other one is for someone else but I can't tell you who just yet, and No it isn't my swap pal.

Now, one more thing. I have a secret, I have a secret!
I'll let you know if a few days!!

Hope you have a beautiful evening!
Hugs and Blessings,


Pam said...

What a lovely gift for your sister!
A secret???? Oh, do tell......!!

Melissa said...


I just went to the mailbox and had a wonderful birthday surprise waiting for me! Thanks so much! The homemade tussie mussie is beautiful and the "sisters" necklace is very special to me. Thank you for thinking of me on my birthday and for using your talent to make me such a unique and special keepsake and for picking out such a lovely charm necklace...they are wonderful gifts! I love them both!

Love Ya Sis!


P.S. Exactly what IS a tussie mussie? (heehee!)


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