Thursday, May 1, 2008

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Jessi is throwing a party! This party is to show off your favorite childhood toys. The first pictures you see are my real photos from childhood and my real toys. The second set of pictures are of toys I really did have during my childhood, but I don't have my own photos of them. So, I went and searched the net for some pics to share. So sit back and relax! This is another picture intense blog.
Enjoy my favorite childhood toys.....

This is Christmas 1970. Pictured here are my sister (right) and me (left) with some of our Christmas toys. I loved dolls, and I loved my Baby Tender Love.

This picture isn't the greatest.....sorry! Here I am with another baby doll, not sure what she was called. Also, you see my barbies, PJ and Barbie in the background along with another redheaded doll (like me...hee hee).

Here is a picture of me (middle) with my sister (right) and a neighbor boy as we played a board game. The silhouette picture on the wall is of me in first grade. We made them for a Mother's Day present. On the bed in front of the boy you see a light colored stuffed toy. That's Oggie, my doggy. I got him when I was little bitty. When I tried to say doggy, it came out oggy, hence the name, Oggie. I loved this doggy and slept with him every night of elementary school probably!

These are some baby toys that I have in my possession. I am sure there are SO many toys and pictures in my parents' attic. We really do need to go through that attic. No telling what we will come across! The bunny was a squeaky toy (maybe this is where my obsession with bunnies started...hee hee) and a baby rattle. On one side the baby is awake and on the other she is asleep.

This is one of my Raggedy Annes. She is a small Annie. I had the Andy too. The red headed doll was either my sister's or mine...not real sure. I always got her hand-me-downs in clothes, and many toys too.

This is one of my dolls. She didn't have real hair. The hair was just a molded part of her head. The bonnet is my husband's baby bonnet and the dress and shoes were my baby clothes. Here she is awake.

Shhhh, baby is sleeping now. Here she is on my hubby's baby blanket...the blanket I brought Blake home from the hospital in! This poor baby just hasn't wanted to scrub clean. Anyone have any suggestions on stubborn stains??

This is not a real picture of mine, but I had one exactly like this...with a little more wear and tear though. The family story is the time that we were fishing and I dropped my "old mother in the shoe" down a pipe. She went down, down, down into the lake, as I was crying and trying to grab her. It wasn't the same playing with that shoe and those poor orphaned children after the "old mother" incident! Waahhhh!

I loved this school desk! I would write for hours with my chalk and I loved the magnets too.

This was such a FUN Fisher Price set. This schoolhouse had a real bell on top, a chalkboard, magnets,and the Play Family. It's no wonder I grew up to be a teacher!! *smiles*

Now, let's move on to more dolls!
Oh how I loved my Drowsy doll! I wore out that pull string to make her drowsy.

You already saw my pic of my real Annie. Here is a pic that I found of her with Andy too.

Holly Hobby was a favorite also. I use to draw lots of pictures of Holly Hobby in her bonnet!

Oh, and who could forget the Sunshine Family?! Aren't their faces just precious?!

I also had a dollhouse that my mother got me with Top Value stamps. I just loved playing with the sweet little family in their lovely house. It was metal and pink. I didn't find a pic of it, but I suretly loved it!

Barbie of course!! Here's a pic of one Barbie. I had LOADS of Barbies, PJ, Francie, and Ken. I had furniture, country camper, swimming pool, kitchen items, cases and TONS of shoes and clothes!!!!! My mother made us some wonderful Barbie clothes, and when my sister was old enough to sew, she made us tons more. Then we had tons of shoes, boots, and purses, oh my! Most of my childhood was spent playing barbies!!

I found this pic on EBay. It was the kind of camper that I had and mine was well loved!!

We also had a red headed barbie that had the bubblecut doo!
I do have to say that we gave many of our barbies haircuts and wild hairstyles too!

The following are Barbie clothes that we either had or had clothes that were very similar.....

Oh and the Oh-So-Dreamy Ken!

The next set of dolls were my second fav to Barbie.....Dawn and Friends.
These sweet little dolls were just beautiful. That's why Dawn was a model I suppose...hee hee. Gary was another "McDreamy" hee hee.....Here are Dawn, Angie, Denise, Gary, Maureen, and such.....They all had such sweet faces and beautiful eyes! Any other "Dawn and Friends" fans out there?????

When I was smaller, I loved Gumby and Pokey. I had both of the figures. I remember on a Sunday outing after church, I lost my Pokey along the way. My sweet Daddy retraced our route and stops and found my Pokey for me. Thanks Daddy!

Oh, and what little girl's childhood would be complete without an Easy Bake Oven!
My sister got the oven first, but then I got plenty of use of it. I remember making cakes and cookies in this for my neighborhood friends. YummmmmO! I remember my little rolling pin and small metal cookie cutters in animal shapes!

Twister was a game that we LOVED to play. The more twisted, the better!!

Ker-Plunk! What a fun game this was. I spent lots of time playing this with friends!

Oh yeah, Operation! I just loved all the cute little pieces to this game...water on the knew, funny bone, charlie horse, butterflies in the stomach.....such fun to make the buzzer sound too!!

I loved my viewmaster. I had loads of reels!! I also got a viewmaster projector one Christmas. I would hold shows in my bedroom for neighborhood kids. What fun those days were!

I also remember days of jacks, jumprope, lemon twist, hula hoops, Mother May I, Red Rover, kickball, and making mazes in the leaves to ride our bikes through.

I wish I had a picture of our homemade Go-Cart that my Daddy made for us. We had a huge hill near us, and we would drive all the way up and then coast all the way down.....Weeeeee!
What fun those days were.

Thanks Jessi, for encouraging us to share our favorite childhood toys and helping us take a stroll down Memory Lane!!

Hugs and Blessings To All!


Luna said...

Oh how wonderful is that. all those wonderful toys.
And I´m so glad to see the Holly Hobbie. I had a Holly too, but she is lost.
I like those American Raggedy Annies.
Your Baby is cut, please let the stain, perhaps the doll skin is damaged after the cleaning.
Your childhood pictures are so sweet.
There are a lot of toys we got first many years later in Germany too.
Thank you for sharing all your toys.

Stefanie/Luna said...

Sorry, Luna is my blog too but the wrong post.
here is my toy post.

KarenHarveyCox said...

Oh, these are so wonderful. You brought back so many memories, but you must be my little sister's age. Oh, and fun. A walk down memory lane. Karen

bluemuf said...

I Rebecca, I couldn't see all the pictures but the ones I could are great. I will keep checking back as I am looking forward to seeing your Barbies and other dolls. Love the easy bake oven

Hugs Karen

Inspired Tokens said...

Wow - you sure made me go down memory lane. Barbies - I had lots of Barbies. How I wish I had those now. I love your collection. It's wonderful that you have so many wonderful 'yesterday' toys.

Happy May Day!

Mya said...

I couldn't see all of your photos only a few. What I did see brought back memories. I saw easybake oven the desk and camper the rest were only the x. I will check back later to see if it works.

Rosa said...

I loved the view master too. I couldn't have enough of the picture discs. Many of your other photos are not visible.
Take care,

Scrappy Jessi said...

Ok this is the most fabulous post!
i still can't see all the pics. but from what i do. awesome!! thanks for sharing, and coming to my party.
i will check in later.

Lori said...

Wow we had many of the same toys! I however didn't get an Easy Bake oven till I was in my forties! My husband always remembered I wanted one and bought me a pink one on a Valentines day years back! Come visit, Lori

Kristin said...

What a cool school desk! That's something I totally would have loved...I was really into playing school and pretending to be the teacher!

Saucy said...

You had a good lot of toys you lucky gal! I also had Drowsy and I loved her to bits. I forgot to post about her. I might have to come over and play with your Barbie Country Camper, I was deprived as a child and posted about it - and so close to Mother's Day!

We had lots of the same toys, but I didn't "get" Ken... he was too suave for my Barbie's tastes.

Sherry said...

I forgot about those little desks. My sisters had one and then one of my older boys did too. Great dolls that you and your sister had!

Stephanie said...

Such a fun post & such wonderful memories ~ we share a lot of the same fav toys! Thanks for sharing.

Please visit my toys when you get a chance!

Angelic Accents

mendytexas said...

Wasn't Ken the coolest??? I loved him!! Your fisher price little people are quite familiar too!! GREAT photos! :)mendy

Twyla and Lindsey said...

I have never seen the Fisher Price shoe before.
I think thats so adorable.

Scrappy Jessi said...

cute cute, i could see all but 3. you were a doll!! so many memories.
thanks for coming to my party.

Painted Pink Pot said...

Wow all those pictures bring back so many memories. You childhood pictures are great.

Stacy said...

Hi Sis!
I just loved this blog and had many of the same toys as you did. Thank you for the stroll down memory lane!

Alisa said...

Wow, what wonderful toys! Thanks for sharing.

Fabulous Finds Studio said...

We had a lot of the same! I forgot about the little people school and the school desk (love those). I had the Drowsy Baby but she was wearing a pink/white polka dot outfit and I couldn't remember what she was called...thanks!

Have a fabulous day!

Sweet Cottage Dreams said...

Such cute pics of you and your sister! We had very similar toys at our house. Loved Operation and of course, Ken's were just dreamy! Love the longer hair. I had the plastic molded head on mine.


Lea of Farmhouse*Blessings said...

Thank you, thank you, thank you!
I had forgotten about the Sunshine Family and the Mother in the Shoe. Memories just came flooding back to me. What a wonderful post!



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