Sunday, May 4, 2008

Show and Tell Sunday

Once again, we are here for Show and Tell Sunday. Show and Tell Sundays are hosted by Cerri and Analise. Thanks girls!!
*Remember, you can click on any picture to enlarge*

For show-n-tell today, we are suppose to show our Favorite Place(s) to Shop. So, I have some photos for you.....So Enjoy!
The shop below is an antique shop about 45 min. from me. I didn't get a pic from the outside, frankly because it isn't anything special--just a brick building with no windows. But there are LOTS of goodies inside! Just take a look at the following photos.
This booth has lots of linens and redwork.
This sweet lady pin cushion is darling!
I love these hands. (The booth right across from this one has TONS of buttons, ribbons, hankies, and such!)

I'm a sucker for a pretty perfume bottle, and I just love the one that has gold colored leaves, and jewels for petals!

One area of the store is a "General Store". It is too cute. The following pics are of the General Store.

Next, you will see photos from an antique shop in a small town called Bell Buckle. This town maybe TINY (I do mean tiny!) but it is HUGE in fun!!!!! There are a whole string of shops, little cafe, crafts. In October, they hold a huge Crafts Fair. They have many other events throughout the year as well! Here are some pics from inside one of the antique shops.....

Reminisce Antiques
This is an antique mall in my town that I frequent quite regularly. It has two HUGE areas downstairs, and a big upstairs.
There is another antique mall, Memories, here that I frequent as well, but I didn't get a pic of it yet. It is three stories high!!I will try to get some photos inside the two antique malls that are here in town, and post them at a later date. So check back.

Well, that's it. I hope you enjoyed these pics.
Be sure to go by Cerri's to check out everyone else's places to shop!
Have an insanely blessed Sunday!
Hugs and Blessings,


Mya said...

Wonderful shop. I want the pincushion lady. Hope you had fun taking your pics. I know I did.

Nerissa said...

Hi Rebecca
Thanks for visting my blog & your kind words about my jewelry. I appreciate it.
I love all the stores you have access to. I really like the old perfume bottles & the hands.
Thanks for sharing & have a good week!


just being crafty said...

What a wonderful place to shop. I also love the perfume bottles and the hat pins.
Thanks for sharing!!!


Karen said...

Gorgeous Redwork, quilts and linens . . . I love it! Beautiful places. Thank you for sharing.

Karen at Ciderantiques

Lisa B. said...

Ahh...I love antique stores!!! Thanks for sharing yours!

Melissa said...

I love all the hands. What great pics. I enjoyed looking at them all. Thanks for sharing.


She'sSewPretty said...

Those all look like fun places to shop! I wish you lived near me so that I could!

Pam said...

Rebecca--how excited was I to read "Bell Buckle!!!" I know where that is!!!
What a great shop-so many pretty things.
Hope you have a great week-Blessings,

Little Pink Studio said...

What wonderful places to shop!
Thank you so much for joining us this week!
~Cerri xo

Sweet Cottage Dreams said...

How fun!!!! I can totally see why you LOVE shopping at these wonderful shops. I loved the first photo with the linens and that red and white quilt...and then that big THE PRICE sign! That whole red room is wonderful!! So lodge looking! Thank you so much for sharing these shops with us. Too bad for me that they are so farrrrr away!


The Apron Queen said...

What fun! :D Thanks for taking us along. Come join me on my road trip:

Adla said...

OooOO look at all those pretty perfume bottles. I love it, would love to shop there!

Shelley said...

Hi Rebecca, those look like some really neat places to shop and thanks so much for sharing them with us.....


Counting Your Blessings said...

Oh those church window shutters! SOoooo cool!! Blessings... Polly

Sugarplum Cottage said...

You've convinced me, I want to go there. I see so many things I want and NEED. Have a blessed day, RoseMarie

Melissa @ The Inspired Room said...

I enjoyed your music along with the lovely photos!

Happy day,

Nancze said...

HI Rebecca, the pictures were fun and great! Thanks for sharing. Wishing you a very special and blessed Mother's day my friend! ~hugs~

Lea of Farmhouse*Blessings said...

Your photos are so enticing. Bell Buckle is on my list of places I want to visit! How exciting to see more photos ... now I have to go!



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