Saturday, January 24, 2009

Craft Saturday*A Very Special Birthday*And a Give-Away!

You remember me showing you my craft room in earlier posts?  It was so neat and organized.  Well, It doesn't quite look that neat these days.  I have such good intentions of putting everything back in order as I finish a project.  However, lately it seems that I have several projects going at once.....never enough time to finish them.  Well, I'm caught up now so I began some more.  lol  

First is a small project for a special lil Lady Margaret Bleu {Maggie to us} is celebrating her 3rd Birthday today.  Now, they say that Labradors are basically considered puppies up until their third birthday.  I don't think Maggie knows that.  LOL  Maggie has always been an easy puppy....with potty training, teaching new tricks, friendly to everyone.  Of course as a tiny puppy, she went through her chewing stage, but she got over that fast and has never chewed our things up.  She hasn't even offered to.  She does like to "gut" her stuff toys, but that is to get them the way she wants them.  And then she loves them even more!  But her puppy characteristics have to do with playfulness.  She goes to bed with a toy or two or three and she wakes up ready to play fetch or tug.  She still thinks she is tiny and can fit in my lap like she did when she was small.  She has no clue how big she is now, and how much room she takes up when trying to sit in my lap.  But, if she still thinks she is a puppy, then that is just fine with me because I am in NO hurry for her to grow up.  And I still LOVE  holding her in my lap, even though she spills over a bit.  She's my little cuddle bug.  :)   

So, this pretty lil' birthday girl deserves something pretty.  She may play fetch, but she's a "girly girl" too!  So my first project on this craft Saturday was for my special birthday girl.  While I was making this for her, she stayed right beside me looking at it.  I think it was because she saw that I was using her fuzzy pompom that use to be on her Princess pillow.  When I finished her hat, I tried to talk her into putting it on, however, she wasn't as cooperative as she was with the elf hat at Christmas.  She was too worried about that pompom.  LOL 

And here is Miss Maggie getting all dolled up for her party.  {You notice that I went back later and added the number "3" to her party hat...for our 3 year old party girl, of course!}

Next, is a picture of some goodies that I am using in a small project.  This project is for my Vintage Valentine Swap partner again.  I hope she enjoys this little cutie.  Sorry, once again but you will have to wait to see the finished project.....can't spoil the surprise for Janelle!

And now for the Give-Away!

Not from me, but from the sweet De!

Annies are so special to me!  I loved my Annie as a child.  I still have a little one that I have shown you before.  Well, if you like Annies too, you will want to head on over to Bowls and Annies!  The very sweet De is having a give-away!  It is the most adorable Annie you have ever seen!  She also has a shop that has these awesome bowls(that I think her husband makes) and the awesomely sweet Annies that she makes!  She is one talented lady with a heart of gold!  Thanks De for this wonderful chance to win one of your precious Annies!!

Now, go by and enter.  RUN don't walk because it ends soon!

Hope you all have a crafty day and 
give your furbabies a big hug!


Jenn said...

Oh, my! She just looks too cute in that party hat! Adorable.

Anonymous said...

Maggie is so adorable in her pink hat! Thanks for visiting my blog. I love porches, too. My back porch is my sanctuary in the summer. My craft room is a disaster. I can't be creative unless it is a wreck, lol. I am putting you on my blogroll, too. Have a great week! Madeline

Tammy said...

I love Annies. Thanks for the great link.

Heidi said...

Miss Maggie is so cute! Thanks for the visit to my blog!

Angie said...

Maggie is just beautiful and gotta love her in that party hat! I just love it when people care about their pets like I do and I can tell you definitely do too! You asked about the bunny picture I have on my mantel. I got it at Kirklands years ago. I have no idea what the name of it is. There is no information on the back of it. Sorry!

niartist said...

That hat is too cute! And simply adorable on that beautiful puppy! :) Happy Tuesday!


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