Monday, February 9, 2009

**Cupcakes and Coffee**Vintage Valentine Swap**

Well, today found me in bed almost all day.  I took a sick day because *cough cough* I am sick *achoo*  It's not been fun!  But with 21 little munchkins in a small classroom and some of them sick, germs are sure to spread, no matter how much lysol wipes, spray, etc. you use.  Within the last two weeks, it is amazing how many tissues they have gone through.  And now, it's my turn, I suppose.  My sweet hubby has been so wonderful, pampering me beyond belief!  He's fed me chicken noodle soup, rubbed my neck, and brought me a surprise of coffee and cupcakes!  Yummmm!  So, so sweet!

This afternoon, I had had enough of the bed on this lovely semi-spring-like day.  So I took Maggie out to play ball.  I decided to play with her in the front yard and go check the mail.  As soon as I walked out the door, I saw a package that had been left on the bench on the porch.  I must have been off in dreamland because I never heard the doorbell ring.  So, I played catch with Mags a little (all the while thinking of what my package would contain) and when I couldn't stand it any longer, I snatched up my box and ran into the house to open it.  So here's what I found.....

~Heart shaped measuring cup and heart shaped cookie cutter~Toooo cute!

Look at all these sweet goodies!  Love the "Love" banner!

~Sweet vintage hankies, precious vintage Valentines, a sweet button heart framed art, cute Valentine bucket, yummy chocolates, vintage rickrack, candle with sweater cover~All too cute! 

Here's where the cute little button heart picture ended up.

Thank You, Thank You Janelle!  I LOVE it all!
Here's the box I packed for Janelle.  

Oh, so you want to see inside of it?  Well, ok!  You talked me into it.....

Now, you didn't really think I was going to share the actual items, did you, seeing that Janelle hasn't received it yet that I know of?  So when I hear from her that she got it, I'll be sure to show all!  

Thanks again Janelle.  I really enjoyed getting to know you!

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