Saturday, February 7, 2009

Seeing RED

I'm seeing Red!  Three shades of red...or four or five or
No, I'm not mad!  lol  Just everywhere you turn, I have red!  I need red!  Give me red...lots and lots of RED, I said!  hee hee  Sounds kinda like something from a Dr. Seuss book, huh?!?  

The color red can mean lots of things...passion, anger, danger, or warmth.  In China, red is the color of prosperity and joy.  Red is chosen by many extroverts and is one of the top picks of males.

Red just makes me happy!

Some say put some red in your life if you want:
*confidence to go after your dreams
*more enthusiasm
*protection of fears and anxieties

When I think back to childhood, red doesn't come to mind very much.  My bedroom was always painted a pastel, cream, baby blue.  Now, it is painted butternut and red.  As a child, I was very quiet and shy until you got to know me.  Now, I am still quiet to a degree, but definitely more outgoing now.  Hmmmm, could that have a ring of truth in it then.  I don't know, but what I do know is I LOVE RED!!

Things I particularly love that are red include:

*red handled kitchen gadgets
*red roses
*red doors
*Red Lobster *wink*
*red ticking fabric
*red toile
*red birds
*red hearts
*red shutters
*red hair
*red fruits:  apples, strawberries, cherries
*red hots
*red raspberry and chocolate

and the most important red of all to me is
the Blood of Jesus, who died for me!

Above, I am sharing a Red Mosaic that I create from some of my favorite red photos.  
Here are the pictures, left to right

First Row:  Red Bed and Breakfast (that we will be staying at over our Valentine Anniversary weekend), little red reader, red berry wreath, old rocker with red ticking pillow in front of a red wall, and a red bible as well,  bedroom curtains and red tin shaded lamp (yep, Maggie is peeking out the window)

Second Row:  red purse creation by me, red metal phone (that I got from sweet Becky!), red tier stand with red handled rolling pins, Maggie on our red quilted bed, red mirror/jelly cabinet on Our Back Porch

Third Row:  red and white checked rocking chair cushion, red jelly cabinet, red and pink Valentine tree, altered vintage red hat, red heart jewelry on red vanity tray

Fourth Row:  red on a vintage gameboard, little girl in red dress and flowers, Valentine B-I-N-G-O altered art, more vintage gameboards, vintage graphic of little girl in red

Red also reminds me of my sweet friend, Becky, who  also loves red.  Please continue to pray for her and her precious family at this heartbreaking time {see post below}.  Thank you!

Ok, are you seeing red now?  
Hope you have a red kinda day!


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