Saturday, March 21, 2009

Longing for London Part 2

As promised, I am back with some more memories of London.  Now, these may not be as humorous as the Double Decker Bus Incident, but fun nonetheless.

Now, I don't want anyone to get the wrong idea from my last post.  Yes, the lady on the bus was quite rude, but I can honestly say that in the ten days I was there, all over London, there wasn't one other person that was rude to us...quite the opposite...very nice and helpful indeed!!

~Portobello Market~
Portobello Market was one of the highest priorities on our list!  Take a look at this quaint street lined with wonderful colorful buildings.  Portobello Road goes through the heart of Notting Hill (you know the movie!)  The streets are lined with quaint little shops on either side of the street, but on a Saturday, the street is crowded with vendors and shoppers for about two miles down Portobello Road.  
 You will find antiques, crafts, new goods, second hand goods, fruits and veggies, and fresh flowers.   You will find bakeries, cafes, and snacks.  Really cool place to experience!
This is Alice's Antiques on Portobello Road!  
Gotta be drawn in by that wonderful red building!!

This little girl is a street performer.  She never opened her eyes or change her expression.  She just robotically turned back and forth, moving her arms and hands around.  She was really good!  I sure would have had to scratch or sneeze, or peek, but she didn't!  Awesome!    

~ToWeR of LoNdOn~
This was one of my favorite things on this trip!  It was all so intriguing to me, much to my surprise!  
The Yeoman Warders (Beefeaters) stand watch and guard.  In early times, they kept watch over the prisoners.  Today they stand guard to keep the grounds and visitors safe.  Back in the day, the beefeaters would taste the food to insure they King would not be poisoned.  The Beefeaters take you on a tour of the towers, giving you history of each one.  Then you can go around as you wish through the buildings.  They have an "undress" uniform for everyday, and a dress uniform for special occasions. 

~Undress Uniform~

~Dress Uniform~

 This is the White Tower.    The tower in the background is where the Crown Jewels are housed.  The White Tower might make you think about this Queen...

Anne Boleyn
She was convicted of adultry and incest, but the real reason was the fact that she didn't produce a son, an heir to the throne.  She was afraid of the guillotine, so a French import was brought in.  This executioner was a specialist with the double handed sword.  Ugghh!!  Anne Boleyn was beheaded on Tower Green in 1536.  It is said that she haunts the Tower of London, and has been seen frequently on the Green, as well as, in the Chapel Royal situated in the White Tower.  The Tower of London has seen its fair share of executions, murders, tortures, and poisonings.  

 You will see ravens at the Tower of London.  The legend has it that if the ravens ever leave the Tower of London, the White Tower will crumble and it will be the fall of England.  No worries, these ravens have their wings clipped and will not fly away!
That's Tower Bridge in the background (you know London Bridge). 

Ahhhh, I am really looonnnnnggggging to go back again now!
And the thing is, I have sooooo much more that I could share.  Maybe I'll do just that on another day.

Happy Saturday!
Back Porch Blessings,


Julie said... really got to see some wonderful places! I just watched this movie yesterday about the lady that was beheaded! Love your pictures!!! Julie

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Hi Rebecca---Looks like you had a tremendous time in London. George (hubby) has been there---but I never have. I'd love to go there sometime.

Hope you are doing well.

Inspired Tokens said...

I adore seeing your images of England! It's so fun to travel the world and not leave your own home. I especially adore 'Alice's Antiques on Portobello Road' ...totally a place I could get lost in!

pink cupcake vintage said...

oh my goodness! this makes me miss London so much! Don't you just love it!


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