Monday, April 6, 2009

It's Looking Like.....SNOW?????

What a lovely weekend!  Maggie and I enjoyed some time in the yard this weekend.  We have had such wonderful spring days lately.  Just take a look.....

{OK!  No making fun of my second toe being longer than my first.  And boy, I need a pedicure!  hee hee}

But today, I heard the "s" word on more than one occasion, and I just heard it again.....from the weatherman!  Yep, you guessed it if you said S*N*O*W!  WHAT???  Yikes!!  This is crazy!  I don't think there will any accumulation, but can you imagine waiting alllll winter for a snow day, and then finally get APRIL?????  This is totally nuts!  Actually, it has already been sleeting outside already, so we shall see.  How's your weather?  I hope you are enjoying some springlike weather!

Warm Back Porch Blessings,


Julie said...

Oh my goodness...your dog adorable...and your yard is beautiful. Your toe comment...made me...laugh...(is that bad?) Have a great day..julie

Wendy said...

The flowers are gorgeous!

Did you get my emails about the pink & green swap?

Our Back Porch said...

Wendy, I just emailed you about your question. Thanks!!

No Julie, that not bad to laugh. I always have people make comments about my toe and hubby loves to tease me! :)

Lucy Bloom said...

Yes, snow would be weird right now, we're doing OK here for sunshine, but I remember some pretty wintery April weather in previous years.

Dawn said...

Maggie looks like she had a great time! Your yard and flowers are beautiful!

Have a great day!

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Thanks Rebecca for checking on me.. We are fine thank goodness. Hope you are also!! We had tornado warnings all around---and Cumberland County DID have some damage. Luckily--not us!!! Did you see all of the damage in Murphreesboro??? WOW....

We did get the snow --but not too much. You'll have to read my blogs from this past week, showing the snow. Again--we were lucky and had no freeze damage.

Mother Nature is showing her stuff these days!!!

I love your semps (chicks and hens). We have them planted all over the yard. We LOVE them --although we don't have one of those cute little containers.

Have a wonderful Easter.

wholarmor said...

Beautiful pics! Your lab reminds me of the one in Marley and Me, lol. I am very fond of labs- we have a chocolate one.

My 2nd toe is also longer than my big toe. I've heard many things about it- that it means you are dominant over your husband(not the case here ;)), that you are intelligent, that it is a characteristic of nobility, and it is from a Mediterranean descent.

wholarmor said...

Oh, and we had snow last week. Yuck. Funny thing was the day after the deadline to remove snow tires, we had it dump on us.
Last year we got a snowstorm in June, though. That was weird.

And love the tongue on your dog, lol.


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