Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Christmas Decorating Part 2

Welcome to Part 2 of my Christmas decorating.
I do need to sadly say, my camera has bit the dust, I believe. Oh this camera has been a faithful friend for several first digital camera. It goes with me everywhere. I am sooooo going to miss it! So until I get it replaced, I have to use the camera on my phone...ugh...not great quality. So bear with me with the pictures for now. Thanks!

The above photo is a shot of our mantle in the family room...but can you see what I have zoomed in on? This little vintage Santa in his miniature sleigh is one that we had when I was a child. Isn't he so cute? And look at his tiny reindeer. Precious!
It is so wonderful to sit here at night in front of the fireplace with a cup of hot chocolate looking at our Christmas tree and our Santa collection. I could get lost in thought for hours doing this if I would let myself. Ahhhhhhhh. hee hee

Ok enough of the daydreaming. Let's get on to some more pics for your pleasure.
Here are my carolers and music tree atop of the piano. Once again, my apologies for the poor quality of my phone camera.

Here are some more vintage Christmas ball ornaments. I just love this little tree. It is full of colorful bead "ornaments". I rescued this from a fellow teacher's pile of "Christmas giveaway goodies".

The nook of vintage kitchen goodies is decorated with the red and green of Christmas. That is a huge red ball ornament candle atop my vintage kitchen scales. Yep, there's more vintage ball ornaments in a bowl on my vintage "Clabber Girl" tin.
The dining room table has a small tree as well. A sugary iced berry and pinecone garland is down the length of the dining table. This is where many hungry family members will gather to enjoy Christmas dinner this year. That's my Bethlehem tree in the right corner of the photo.
The tea cart in my dining room holds more vintage Christmas ball ornaments. I just love this display! Are you wondering when enough is enough of the vintage ball ornaments? Well, when I get that far, I'll let you know...but not yet...hee hee

I had planned to share a lot more pics in this Part 2 post before my camera konked out. Maybe I can get some more up for you soon. Hope your day is merry and bright! I plan to post at least once more before Christmas.

Back Porch Christmas Blessings,


All things nice... said...


Your home looks beautiful for Christmas and I have noticed you have a new header- very pretty. Hope you a wonderful Christmas.

All things nice...

Lisa said...

Oh it is lovely as usual!! I have that clabber girl tin too, it is great!
Merry Christmas!
Hugs, Lisa

Sares said...

It looks beautiful and I'm impressed with the quality of your phone camera, I've seen much worse! Thank you for sharing your festive home with us!


Your pictures turned out great! Wishing you and yours a blessed Christmas!


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