Saturday, February 6, 2010

❤ Bunny Love on this Pink Saturday ❤

Happy Pink Saturday once again. If you come here often, then you already know I have such a ❤LOVE❤ for bunnies... of ALL kinds! And many of you know that I named my Etsy shop, Two Velvet Bunnies {although I am in vacation mode at the moment}. What you may not know is the 2 bunnies pictured above was my inspiration. These two bunnies are my favorite of favorites! When I first opened up shop, I used these bunnies in my Etsy banner but I wanted a little more of a vintage look. I have looked high and low to find graphics of two velvet-looking bunnies for my Etsy banner and business cards but never found quite what I was looking for . So you can imagine my surprise and giddiness when I ran across this at Just Vintage...

*sorry my camera is still having issues*
You can go by Two Velvet Bunnies to see how I used this on my Etsy banner.

OMGosh. It is just fabulous in my art studio!
It takes center stage on the top of my pink shelf!

And look at the sweet card she included. Precious!
Thank you Wanda!

Here's a pic that I have shared before. It just shows the vibrant colors in this one.

*Weekly Blog Spotlight*

This week, I am spotlighting Marta at For The Love of Junk. I visited her blog last Pink Saturday and I am a follower. OMGosh! You should see her shop. If I lived closer to her, I'd be in the shop all the time!! You've just got to go over and check it out! You'll be glad you did!

Be sure to get more sugary pink goodness by visiting Beverly's. She has a lot of participants as usual!

Happy Pink Saturday everyone!


Debbie@Debbie-Dabble said...

Love all your bunnies!

craftymarta said...

Oh my God, what a great way to start a day! I LOVE YOUR BLOG. I think I have found a friend. You like stuff and you are a Christian, it just doesn't get better than that. I'm so glad you left a comment and thank you for spotlighting my blog. I'm a bunny person too and roses are my two favorites. Your header and your blog design are just beautiful. That shelf with the pink stuff, yumm. I will check your blog with more time tonight since I must go to work. So this is breakfast for me, coffee and blogging. You even end your intro like I do, blessings, Marta.

Shabbychicdiva said...

Oh my. Simply beautiful. Love them all!! Happy Pink Saturday! I hope you have a wonderful weekend. Stop by anytime! Winona

Linda said...

What a wonderful find. I love all your bunnies. Rabbits was one of my daughters collectibles when she was young. I love them all. Thanks for coming by my blog and I'm so glad I came to visit you! I've become a your blog.

Linda @ A La Carte

Marie said...

bunnies make you HOPPY 'cause your someBUNNY special. love your bunny blog.happy PS
have a blessed week

Regina said...

How cute. Happy Pink Saturday!
Enjoy the weekend.

Sonia said...

Hi Rebecca,

Another thing we have in common! I love bunnies and have quite a few scattered throughout my home. Some I only bring out for Easter and Spring and a few stay out all year! Your bunny display on the wall is so adorable! I absolutely love all the deatils you have managed to get on your shelves! Too cute for words!

Happy Valentines!

Miss Bloomers

Gracie Jewellery said...

Love your Pinks. Happy Pink Saturday. Don't forget to visit me. It is your only chance to enter my giveaway.

Lynn@ The Vintage Nest said...

your bunnies are precious. Just one more week...then after Valentine's out comes my Easter bunnies. Can't wait! HPS

Vicki said...

Oh my goodness, your pink shelf and bunnies are wonderful! Love everything about them. Thank you for stopping by for a visit at Bunny Cottage and Happy Pink Saturday to you! Love, Vicki

Betsy from Tennessee said...

I can always count on you to post some pretty Pink Saturday goodies!!!!! You are just so creative...

We had a little snow here during the night. It was just a dusting --but is pretty.

Sares said...

How sweet! What luck you finally came across those bunnies! Your little shelf is beautiful, I love all the colors you've got mixed together on it. Happy Pink Saturday and thanks for the visit!

Lisa said...

LOVE your new look! Love your sweet bunnies! And love your pics you found in the hunt!! Too cute!!
Happy Pink Saturday!
Hugs, Lisa

Purvail said...

Love the bunnies. I bought two for myself when I went to Hobby Lobby today with my daughter Gwen.
Happy pink saturday

Enchanted Rose Studio said...

Happy Pink Saturday, Rebecca! Your bunnies are too adorable! I love those velvet bunnies and the beautiful shelf vignette! Your blog is so beautiful!

My pink post is late today; that dang post scheduler! I'll get it right one day ha!

Hope you can still stop by for a visit!

Have a lovely Pink weekend!

Cottage Rose said...

OH My Goodness; I so love your adorable fuzzy bunnies.... to to cute. and the vintage ones you found with that sweet little face... so perfect for your shop banner.... Happy Pink Saturday;

peppermint said...

Those bunnies are just perfect! Happy Pink Saturday and a wonderful week ahead.

bellaboo said...

It's lovely to have a new follower,nice to 'meet' you...and your four legged friend!
I read through your past posts and see you have had probs with your teeth.Me too!Last year had an absess and the pain was the worst I've had so I have a lot of sympathy for you! Will be keeping up with your posts!


Lallee said...

Rebecca, your velveteen rabbits are beautiful! They look like they are in pristine condition. What a wonderful find of two more bunnies to add to your studio. Really darling on your wonderful pink shelves.

Maggie Bleu looks so much like my Sawyer!

Janelle - The Farmer's Wife said...

Love the velvet bunnies! I raised rabbits in 4H when I was little. Still kind of have a soft spot for them! I have been able to find a few repro paper mache bunnies. Would love to find some vintage ones!

Debra@Common Ground said...

Oh how I love all your sweet bunnies! And what a darling display!

Kathryn @ Bonafide Southern said...

Oh wow! I just adore all of your bunnies and that little sign is just precious. It looks perfect on top of your pink shelf. Also, I read your last post, and I hope you're feeling better from your wisdom teeth removal. Have a great week!


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