Friday, February 5, 2010

Vintage Hearts

I am participating in Dolly's Vintage Heart Swap, for the third year. I have had such fun over the years with this swap, and met a lot of awesome and insanely talented ladies. I feel so blessed! Karen is my partner in this year's Vintage Heart Swap. I had not visited Karen's blog before, so it was really nice to get to know someone new. Karen is a busy lady, and oh-so-talented! We have a lot of things in common. So the day after my oral surgery {even though in pain} I had several things happen {from last post} that made the day better for me. I also said there was one more thing that happened, and left you hanging. That was because I felt this deserved a post all its own. That day, my box from Karen arrived!
Was I ever excited!
Just take a look at why...

LOVE this cherub "L*O*V*E" creation. I bet Mrs. Karen created this in her wonderful studio! It found a home on my Vintage Valentine board.

The cone is filled with chocolates and mints. YUM-O! AND a cute little box of Sweetarts!
Isn't that little birdies tea towel just adorable?!?

OMGosh! How stinkin' cute is this little hedgehog!!!
Look at the little heart necklace!!

My little Valentine mice were more than happy to welcome her here.

This is the cutest little birdhouse. The shingles are
........wait for it.........


Yummy lace and heart charms will find their way into future creations from my studio.
A veil of tulle with red felt hearts embellish these most wonderful red-handled kitchen gadgets.
When opening a cute little sheer drawstring bag, I found red-handled cookie cutters
*insert squeals here*

How did she ever know I collect those?!? *wink*

A vintage vignette of old advertising tins, scales, and rolling pins was the perfect place for these great gadgets!

And not so far away, the cookie cutters found a home atop my kitchen scales.

But most importantly, I have met YOU...a new friend with whom I want to stay in touch with!!

NOW...a Sneak Peek at what Karen will find in her box that is coming her way.

I have had such fun collecting/creating these goodies for you Karen!

I have taken great care in packaging all of Karen's goodies up in this box. So, Mr. Postman, please make sure you handle this with care. There is a fabulous treasure in here that will break!

When I hear from Karen that she has received her box, I'll share with you the contents in this Vintage Heart package.

Blessings from the heart,


Karen said...

Oh Rebecca - I am soooooo glad you liked it all. I had such fun! I was afraid you might already have the "red handled kitchen tools" and cookie cutters, but took my chances. I know everything was supposed to have a heart on them, that's why I kinda cheated and placed those felt ones on - just to make sure I stayed true to the game! Same with the necklace on the hedgehog! Isn't she just the cutest? I know - who the heck wants a hedgehog, but . . . she was just so bloody cute!
I am so glad we met. And oh MAN! You tease with your ONE picture of my box!! I can't wait ! this is my first swap of this kind and I've had such fun! thank you for being a fun partner, even if you did have to have TWO surgeries in the course of it all. I am so sorry you had to go through that!
Big hugs and I'll let you know when my mailman is showing me some LOVE!!!!!!
:) Karen
OMG your word verification word is "fatties"!!!! LOL!!
I wonder if someone is just maybe trying to tell me something . . . you know - chocolate and candy for Valentines Day? YAY!

Sonia said...


What a wonderful box of goodies you received. So pretty! I know you will enjoy each and every special thing she chose for you!

Happy Valentines!

Lisa said...

Oh my!! You got really great stuff! Love the hedge hog!!
Hugs, Lisa


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